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Climate change action

14 October 2009 | by Joe Mugford | 0 comments

Flashmob in Parliament Square. | Robert van Waarden.

Quaker involvement with climate change campaigning has been on the increase in the run-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this December. In particular, this involvement has recently been galvanised by two international movements: ‘350’, which aims to raise awareness of the need to reduce carbon dioxide in...

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France Yearly Meeting 2009

13 October 2009 | by Arthur Pritchard | 0 comments

Congenies Meeting House was under discussion | France Yearly Meeting

France Yearly Meeting, small in numbers, but rich in spiritual energy, gathered at Pontmain on the Normandy/Brittany border for the second year. The venue is a former seminary, a huge, solid, rather austere, spacious building in many lovely acres of tranquil woodland. Here it is believed that in 1871 two...

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Hospice workers for the world or midwives for a new one?

07 October 2009 | by Helen Drewery | 0 comments

Nearly 350 people – the majority of them Quakers – spent a gloriously sunny Saturday in the Large Meeting house at Friends House on 26 September, pondering some really tough issues. Deep pessimism and profound hope about the future of the world sat side by side in the four talks we were given. The...

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Tragedy hits Philippines Friends

FREE 07 October 2009 | by Valerie Joy | 0 comments

John Ocol shoulder-deep in floodwater besides the Friends Church. | Philippines Evangelical Friends Church

Earlier this year, Nancy Irving, general secretary of Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC), and I visited the Philippines Evangelical Friends Church to help celebrate their thirty-first anniversary. The main church is in a poor area of Manila, close to the river, so it is easy to imagine how the...

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Resolution takes over Friends Provident

07 October 2009 | by Roger Morton | 0 comments

Controversial proposals by Resolution Life (RSL) to take over Friends Provident (FP) were accepted by the latter’s shareholders on Monday. Fifty-nine per cent of votes were cast, ninety-nine per cent being in favour.

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Quaker Centre opens

FREE 07 October 2009 | by Trish Carn | 0 comments

Part of the signage at the new Quaker Centre in Friends House, London | Trish Carn

Quaker Week saw the official opening of the Quaker Centre at Friends House, London.

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Same-sex marriage: the work begins

07 October 2009 | by Trish Carn | 1 comment | 1 comments

The long journey to bring Yearly Meeting’s historic decision on same-sex marriage to fruition has begun.  Meeting for Sufferings (MfS) representatives heard on Saturday that one registering officer is working with a couple for a same-sex marriage planned for May next year, and that an amendment is being...

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Sheila Hancock inspires Friends during Quaker Week

FREE 07 October 2009 | by Joe Mugford | 6 comments | 6 comments

Sheila Hancock does not mince her words. This much was clear from the moment she opened her mouth and told the capacity audience in the new Quaker Centre that she had a wet bottom from getting caught in the October rain. And this was not just an ice-breaker, although it...

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Early years curriculum exemption refused

23 September 2009 | by Friend web | 0 comments

The first parental exemption request to the compulsory Learning and Development Requirements of the English Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum has been refused.  Frances Laing, a member of Wirral and Chester Meeting, received a letter from her child’s state-funded school saying: ‘The school feels… it would not...

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Bournville connections celebrated at Rugby Meeting House centenary

23 September 2009 | by Nick Matthews | 0 comments

Rugby Meeting House | John Hall

On 19 October 1909, the Rugby Advertiser reported that, a ‘Mrs WM Darby, of Birmingham, formally opened a new Friends’ Meeting house, which will be available for Adult School purposes’. The paper liked the new building. ‘The new Meeting house is of a pleasing design, and reflects much credit upon the architect,...

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