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Quakers on the public’s radars

FREE 25 November 2009 | by Joe Mugford | 0 comments

Eighty per cent of interviewees claimed ‘some knowledge’ of Quakers, but of these fifty-nine per cent had some factual inaccuracies | Image: Ivana Ropkova/Shutterstock

Eighty per cent of the British population have heard of Quakers. This statistic was one of many that came about following a professional market research survey of 1,000 individuals in England, Scotland and Wales, commissioned by Quaker Quest Network. The research was ordered to find out about understanding of and attitudes...

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Keswick Friends begin clean up operation

FREE 23 November 2009 | by Joe Mugford | 1 comment | 1 comments

Damage inside Keswick Meeting House after the flood had subsided | Dorothy Crowther

Quakers in Keswick, Cumbria are already going about the repairs to their Meeting house, which last Thursday night was flooded for the second time in five years. Michael Evans (clerk of Keswick Quaker Meeting) told the Friend on Monday that they were pleasantly surprised at how quickly they had been...

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Keswick Quakers hit by flooding

FREE 20 November 2009 | by Jez Smith | 2 comments | 2 comments

Keswick Meeting House has been flooded for the second time in five years | Dorothy Crowther

Quakers in north Cumbria were fearing the worst on Friday as their Keswick Meeting house remained flooded. Clerk of Keswick Quakers Michael Evans told The Friend that the Meeting house last flooded in 2005 and since then £6,000 had been spent on flood defences such as barriers.

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‘Quaker’: what does it mean to the outside world?

18 November 2009 | by Geoffrey Durham | 3 comments | 3 comments

Quaker Quest hopes that the survey results will help Friends with the puzzles about how to do outreach better. | Photo: kirtaph/flickr CC:BY.

I know all sorts of Quakers who know all sorts of things, but I’ve never met a single one who has a clue what the word ‘Quaker’ means to people who aren’t Quakers. I find it curious that we remain so ignorant. I hear stories every week of...

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Compassion plaque unveiled at Ramallah Quaker meeting

18 November 2009 | by Joe Mugford | 0 comments

A plaque similar to the one hung in Ramallah. | Photo: Kevin Wolf, AP Images for TED Prize.

Ramallah Friends were among the first to endorse Karen Armstrong’s new Charter for Compassion. A Charter plaque was unveiled at their Meeting house on 12 November.  The charter is an attempt by religious writer and commentator Armstrong to bring together the highest common principles of the world’s faiths.,...

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Norwegian Quakers denied Gaza access

18 November 2009 | by Friend web | 0 comments

Norwegian Friends last week returned disappointed from an attempt to make contact with the kindergartens and trauma counselling projects for children in Gaza that they fund. Kvekerhjelp (Quaker Service Norway)  representatives had originally planned to visit many of the fifteen or so kindergartens they run, and had made the...

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Quakers seek government progress on drug use

18 November 2009 | by Joe Mugford | 0 comments

The ongoing situation following the sacking by the home secretary of professor David Nutt from his position on the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, and the subsequent resignations by David Nutt’s colleagues, was discussed last weekend at the trustees’ meeting of Quaker Action on Alcohol and Drugs ...

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Quakers back restorative justice programmes

FREE 11 November 2009 | by Joe Mugford | 1 comment | 1 comments


Restorative Justice (RJ) has worked with young offenders in Northern Ireland and the Prison Reform Trust has statistics to prove it. Its report Making Amends: Restorative Youth Justice in Northern Ireland, launched last week, showed that only forty per cent of young offenders between the ages of ten and seventeen...

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Quakers join London Citizens

11 November 2009 | by Friend web | 0 comments

A demonstration by London Citizens. | Photo courtesy London Citizens.

On 25 November, representatives of West London Area Meeting (AM) will for the first time attend London Citizens Assembly with around 140 other faith and community groups who have combined forces to campaign on social issues.

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Welsh ‘troops out’ protest on Remembrance Sunday

11 November 2009 | by Friend web | 0 comments

Marsha Lamond and Greg Wilkinson holding the banner. | Photo: Ada Garton.

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