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Over seventy thousand prisoners denied the opportunity to vote in election

FREE 05 May 2010 | by Symon Hill | 0 comments

Over 70,000 British adults will not be allowed to vote this week – because they are in prison.  It is six years since the European Court of Human Rights ruled that a blanket ban on prisoners’ voting is unlawful. Campaigners have accused ministers of avoiding the issue for the sake of...

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Nuclear weapons ban backed

05 May 2010 | by Symon Hill | 0 comments

The mayor of Hiroshima has backed a campaign by British churches to eliminate nuclear weapons.  Tadatoshi Akiba, whose city was the first to suffer the horror of nuclear attack, was speaking on the eve of the nuclear non-proliferation summit, which opened in New York this week. Quakers have formed...

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The cost of conflict to be examined in Quaker-led town discussion

05 May 2010 | by Symon Hill | 0 comments

Verbal sparks may ignite in Colchester Town Hall next week as military, academic and political heavyweights take part in a panel debate organised by local Quakers. The meeting is the culmination of a series of public events organised by Colchester Friends as they seek to put the peace testimony into...

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Conscientious objection to military service affirmed by UN committee

FREE 05 May 2010 | by Jez Smith | 0 comments

The UN Human Rights Committee decision recognises that conscientious objection to military service may be for different beliefs | Clipart

Conscientious objectors to military service are celebrating after the United Nations Human Rights Committee upheld a decision to protect their rights.  The Committee has unanimously confirmed that conscientious objection is protected under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. This follows a landmark decision three years ago, when...

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New green house paves way for eco-revolution

30 April 2010 | by Judy Kirby | 0 comments

The Passivhaus | The Green Building Store

Signs that truly green shoots really are sprouting in the UK housing market were visible this week when a new type of house popular on the continent became available in the UK – but built with British construction methods.  The first of these houses, called ‘Passivhaus’, was built in Darmstadt...

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Junior Yearly Meeting 2010 epistle and reflections

FREE 27 April 2010 | by The Friend | 0 comments

Junior Yearly Meeting held at the Pioneer Centre, Cleobury Mortimer 10th – 13th April 2010   To all Friends everywhere JYM 2010 was held in the Pioneer Centre near Kidderminster and for 4 days was home to over 160 Quakers from across the UK and from overseas. Our theme for the event was:  Living...

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Nuclear weapons fire up candidates ahead of general election

FREE 27 April 2010 | by Symon Hill | 0 comments

Nuclear weapons have become a top election issue following a series of attacks on the resurgent Liberal Democrats’ policy on the Trident nuclear weapons system.  The party’s leader Nick Clegg has been criticised by the Labour and Conservative leaders for opposing a ‘like-for-like’ Trident. At the same time,...

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Ex-offenders win right to review of life on sex offenders register

27 April 2010 | by Symon Hill | 0 comments

Campaigners have welcomed a Supreme Court judgment declaring that individuals should not be kept on the Sex Offenders Register for life without the possibility of review.  The ruling follows a case brought by two convicted sex offenders, one of whom was only eleven when he raped another child. Until...

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Book Trust survives as Sessions of York collapses into administration

FREE 27 April 2010 | by Jez Smith | 0 comments

Sessions of York went into administration last week, but book publishing and printing by the Sessions Book Trust will not be affected as it is a separate charity and not part of the stricken company.  The label printing company, which had a turnover of approximately £6 million per year and...

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‘No nuclear weapons at all’ still an option says Lib Dem Simon Hughes

FREE 26 April 2010 | by Symon Hill | 0 comments

Poster on a fence at an Aldermaston protest | Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament CC:BY

Senior Liberal Democrat MP Simon Hughes has said that his party may choose to decommission all the UK government’s nuclear weapons if they take power. His comments display a different emphasis to party leader Nick Clegg’s focus on replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system with a cheaper set...

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