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Meeting of Friends in Wales

FREE 10 November 2010 | by Christine Trevett | 0 comments

Aberystwyth Friends Meeting House | John Hall

The sun shone as more than thirty-five Friends made their way from all parts of Wales to the Meeting House in Aberystwyth. Cows had been grazing at a perilous angle on the hill behind it when we arrived but they had moved by lunchtime and a flock of Aberystwyth seagulls...

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Equal love campaign launched

FREE 02 November 2010 | by Symon Hill | 0 comments

A Quaker couple are at the centre of a plan to launch legal action over same-sex marriage in the UK.

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BAE accounts to be examined

FREE 02 November 2010 | by Symon Hill | 0 comments

Campaigners have welcomed the news that arms giant BAE Systems will have its accounts investigated by the Accountancy and Actuarial Discipline Board (AADB).

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Find a Quaker to marry…

FREE 02 November 2010 | by Symon Hill | 1 comment | 1 comments

Deborah Cadbury's book |

BBC presenter Andrew Marr has encouraged Radio 4 listeners to find themselves a Quaker to marry.  He made the light-hearted remark during Start the Week on Monday, when he interviewed Deborah Cadbury about her new book, Chocolate Wars, which explores the history of Quaker businesses.

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Government to reduce nuclear warheads by mid 2020s

FREE 02 November 2010 | by Symon Hill | 0 comments

Friends have given a lukewarm welcome to the UK government’s decision to reduce its number of nuclear warheads.

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Palestine: the time to act is now

FREE 02 November 2010 | by Jez Smith & Marisa Johnson | 0 comments

The Wall at Al Quds University, Jerusalem | nagillum/flickr CC:BY

‘After you know what’s happening you cannot remain silent,’ said Jean Zaru of Ramallah Monthly Meeting, addressing Friends at the end of the joint Quaker Council of European Affairs (QCEA) and Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) conference last weekend. The subject was ‘working for peace in the Middle...

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Sevenoaks Friends mark anniversary

FREE 02 November 2010 | by The Friend | 0 comments

Quakers at the event | Keith Wade

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Major climate change event at Friends House

26 October 2010 | by Raymond Mgadzah | 0 comments

Zero Carbon by 2030? We need to reach this goal and we can reach this goal. This is the message of the ‘Campaign Against Climate Change’ (CACC) who are organising a major event at Friends House in London on Saturday 30 October at 1pm.

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Jesse Jackson tells us to ‘keep dreaming’ and campaigning

FREE 26 October 2010 | by Symon Hill | 0 comments

Jesse Jackson with the Christian Aid poster | Christian Aid

Veteran US campaigner Jesse Jackson has urged people in the UK to fight the government’s cuts, saying they will harm the most vulnerable and leave the wealthy unaffected.  Speaking to around 2,500 people at Methodist Central Hall in London, Jesse Jackson insisted that the poor ‘were not invited’ to...

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Cuts: are we all travelling on the same track?

FREE 26 October 2010 | by Symon Hill | 2 comments | 2 comments

Are we all on the same track? | Jez Smith

Spending cuts unveiled by the government last week have triggered reactions varying from scepticism to anger among Quaker bodies.  Circles UK, a project founded by Friends that works on issues of sex crime, fear that their work will suffer from the impact of large-scale cuts.

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