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Sustainability at Friends House

04 November 2009 | by Joe Mugford | 0 comments

| Photo: Trish Carn

As regular readers of the Friend will be well aware, climate change is rapidly becoming one of the highest priorities for individual Friends and for Quaker organisations at all levels. So it was that staff from all the offices in Friends House (FH) gathered last week for a meeting on...

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‘Respect, equality, goodwill to all’ – Welsh Quakers make stand against extremists

28 October 2009 | by Alan Thomas | 0 comments

Swansea Friends preparing banners and placards for their silent vigil. | Alan Thomas

Hearing that the so-called ‘Welsh Defence League’ (WDL) was going to hold an anti-Muslim protest on Saturday 17 October, Swansea Quakers got together with Swansea City of Sanctuary steering group and called for a silent vigil on the theme of ‘Respect, Equality, Goodwill to All’. We wanted to show that Swansea...

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German Friends seek end to military

FREE 28 October 2009 | by Friend web | 0 comments

Germany Yearly Meeting (GYM) last week sent a letter to the politicians attempting to form the country’s new coalition government, asking for a fundamental demilitarisation of the country. GYM, which met from 15 to 18 October, called for a complete end to conscription (Wehrpflicht), which still requires that all male citizens...

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Friends launch ‘media hustings’ campaign

FREE 28 October 2009 | by Friend web | 0 comments

The ‘Stand Up’ activities reported in the Friend last week were by no means the beginning and end of Quakers’ attempts to push climate change onto individual candidates’ agendas in the run up to the general election. Inspired by climate change workshops at Yearly Meeting, Friends in Cambridge are now...

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Stephen Fry holds Quakers in the limelight

28 October 2009 | by Joe Mugford | 1 comment | 1 comments

In a recent debate hosted by the Intelligence Squared organisation the confirmed atheist and humanist Stephen Fry surprised few with his impassioned attack on the Catholic church. Speaking alongside Christopher Hitchens he took opposing speakers Anne Widdecombe and archbishop Onaiyekan of Abuja, Nigeria, to task on many topics, particularly Catholic...

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Meeting shares grief following murder of Young Friend

28 October 2009 | by Jez Smith | 0 comments

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Quakers reap the benefits of evening worship

28 October 2009 | by Friend web | 1 comment | 1 comments

Last week, Beverley Meeting became the latest Quakers to introduce an evening Meeting for Worship – and of the eight people worshipping, two had never attended a Quaker Meeting before. Brian Fellowes of Beverley Meeting told the Friend: ‘they both said they’d been interested in Quakers for some time, had...

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Asia-Pacific Quakers use disasters as spur for future preparedness

FREE 22 October 2009 | by Valerie Joy | 0 comments

Friends in FWCC’s Asia West Pacific Section (AWPS) are grateful for donations from Friends around the world for floods victims in the Philippines. A list of donors will be published our newsletter.

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New film highlights inspiring Quaker work in Rwanda

21 October 2009 | by Friend web | 0 comments

A still from the film. | Image courtesy of Josiah Films.

Staff at Friends House in London last week previewed ICYIZERE:hope, a moving and provocative documentary by Patrick Mureithi about a Rwandan Quaker initiative that brings together survivors and perpetrators of the 1994 genocide. The film, still a work in progress, features a three-day workshop entitled Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities....

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Terry Waite welcomes charity to new home in the neighbourhood

21 October 2009 | by Anna Phillips | 0 comments

Terry Waite and Judith Moran, director of QSA, outside the new building. |

Staff, supporters, volunteers, trustees and partners of Quaker Social Action (QSA) gathered last week to watch Terry Waite open the east London charity’s new premises in Bethnal Green. Waite, who has recently become a Quaker, spoke movingly of the problems that affect those at the bottom of the economic...

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