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Voice of the morning

24 November 2011 | by Lloyd Kemp

. . . a bird, taking to the air on the winged words you had spoken | Mark Wooten / flickr CC

Thank you, Lord, for preventing me from bursting in on the day, like a bull in a china shop: instead, to have me sitting quietly, in the silence marking its beginning;

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The Hexham Debates

24 November 2011 | by Caroline Westgate

On a Saturday morning in January 2007, some Quakers arranged a public meeting to be addressed by Bruce Kent. Parliament was about to debate the renewal of Britain’s nuclear-armed submarines, so the topic was ‘What Price Trident?’  The setting was a church hall in a small market town near...

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Quo vadis Libya?

27 October 2011 | by Sylvia Edwards

No matter how much things change they remain the same, in Libya this is true. Tribe fights against tribe brutality is returned by more brutality.

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The world of Joseph Wood

FREE 20 October 2011 | by Pamela Cooksey | 1 comment

Portrait of Joseph Wood | Courtesy of Caroline Walton

The publication this month of a full and unedited transcription of the large and small notebooks of Joseph Wood, a Yorkshire Quaker, will provide a significant new resource for those with an interest in Quaker history and genealogy. The hundred notebooks, written between 1773 and 1821, together with 647 letters and miscellaneous printed...

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Death shall not prevail

20 October 2011 | by Robert Powell | 1 comment

Utøya island | Henrik Lied, NRK

On 22 July, exactly three months ago, Anders Behring Breivik, a thirty-two year old Norwegian, set off a car bomb outside government buildings in Oslo. It killed eight of his fellow countrymen. An hour and a half later, dressed as a policeman, he landed on the small island of Utøya...

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In everyone

20 October 2011 | by Kevin Redpath

I believe in all the unwitnessed acts of kindness . . . | mckaysavage / flickr CC

I don’t believe we are a sick society I don’t believe we are a broken society. I believe we are a complex society, a fragile society, a beautiful society.

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Posters for peace

FREE 29 September 2011 | by Ian Kirk-Smith | 1 comment

A peace poster from the archives | Images courtesy of Friends House Library

The poster has been used as an instrument of radical protest for hundreds of years: pasted on walls, carried in processions and held up in demonstrations, it has been a cheap, portable, and visually striking way of speaking ‘truth to power’. Peace posters are part of the Quaker tradition and...

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Costing not less than everything

29 September 2011 | by Martin Smith

Wind turbines in the Irish Sea | Trish Carn

‘I want to see us living our testimony in such a way that other people think not just, “Quakers – peace” but also, “Quakers – peace – the environment”.’  Pam Lunn

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Meeting at Glenthorne

29 September 2011 | by Harvey Gillman

We met in silence, the cows and I in the long wet grass, in worship they, ruminating I. They sat. I stood by the wooden fence that set apart the sprawling house from the winding path that climbed in awe to the passing clouds. Again I saw the hill I...

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Being a Quaker:  a guide for newcomers

29 September 2011 | by Trish Carn

Gloucester Friends Meeting House | Trish Carn

There is a difference between ‘narrow’ casting and ‘broad’ casting. In the first you are talking to the converted. In the second you assume little and communicate your message in an open, inclusive and engaging manner. If you can do so with humour, humility and a touch of irreverence then...

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