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The last days

22 August 2019 | by Sam Donaldson

'If these days are the last days...' | Caleb Ekeroth / Unsplash.

If these days are the last days I will prepare my hours a will and testimony each breath a gift each smile a legacy to pass on to the soil for the next great ascendency

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‘The impact is heightened by the curator’s imaginative use of the historic setting.’

15 August 2019 | by Dorothy Jerrome

'Going going' | By Judith Bromley.

The principles of stewardship and reverence guide Seeking Routes, an art exhibition currently showing at Swarthmoor Hall. The theme is sustainability, the fragility of the natural world, and the artistic and spiritual response to it.

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Looking for cows

01 August 2019 | by Dana Littlepage Smith | 1 comment

'We went looking for God / the way one looks for a cow...' | Daniel Leone / Unsplash.

After Meister Eckhart We went looking for God the way one looks for a cow: expecting warm flanks, soft cheese while all the universe ran away from us, its rivers of milk

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Words to conjure with

25 July 2019 | by RV Bailey | 1 comment

'In the end, maybe all of these will do...' | Jonny Swales / Unsplash.

It’s OK – you don’t have to call yourself a Christian. That’s a word where too many difficult relations Are all too ready to drop in, some of whom You really wouldn’t want to meet for a coffee However many custard tarts were on offer.

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18 July 2019 | by Jonathan Wooding

RS Thomas,1940. | Courtesy of the Church in Wales.

In memory of RS Thomas You say the mystic, when she’s not a poet, fails to mediate the – hang on – mysterium tremendum et fascinans, (that’s God), and then you riddle us with the immediacy of the mystic Deus absconditus. So, God’s absconded, and the mystic’s in...

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‘War is much bigger than just the military offensive.’

18 July 2019 | by Barbara Mark

Images of some stones already illustrated. | Courtesy of Barbara Mark.

I would like to ask children and young people who may be reading the Friend for some help, conversation and contacts. We are a group set up by Southern Marches Area Meeting to support a project to promote understanding and sympathy for the plight of noncombatants during war. You will...

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There Never Was Such A Goose

27 June 2019 | by Jonathan Wooding

'Goose, get out of this reflection, without me.' | Biel Morro / Unsplash.

And think of your clay-pit lake, its bright water a black slate spectral with depth – inerrant, I believe, in fabulous mockery, pauce ańd inflamed with sprung forms.

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Art thou in darkness?

20 June 2019 | by Dana Littlepage Smith

'It was less of a walk than a stutter / of feet edging across the floor / as if she was navigating the rim / of a volcano.' | Cristian Newman / Unsplash.

Mind it not, for if thou doest it will fill thee more, but stand still and act not, and wait in patience till Light arises out of Darkness – James Nayler It was less of a walk than a stutter of feet edging across the floor as if she was navigating...

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The Sybils Speak in Quaker Meeting

16 May 2019 | by Dana Littlepage

'The last bird sang...' | Patrick Hendry / Unsplash.

The last bird sang its black remembrance of earth at the bottom of our garden. One black bird perched on the edge of time a spindle twig quickened by May, its golden beak

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Earth Day 22/04/19

09 May 2019 | by Christopher Sleeman

'Once we would have celebrated such a day...' | NASA.

Once we would have celebrated such a day. Now a poem would likelier be elegy than eclogue, Or, in music, requiem replace the anthem’s part. Nor can we with any confidence pray Earth rest in peace or light perpetual, While humanity remains to rend its heart.

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