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Oh my darlin’

21 October 2021 | by Dana Littlepage Smith

'can you my woodpecker make remembrance of how I loved you' |

Witness this my turgid blossom pearl warbler O my darlin’ witness how we ache in ivory – billed heart break

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The long grass

14 October 2021 | by Geoff Sawers

'as we lie down in the tall tall grass and dream how to build an ark' | by Mark Timberlake on Unsplash

The grass will grow, green and tall   our children fade from sight the grass will blow to yellow dust   all children hold the light

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A modern Meeting

07 October 2021 | by Howard W Hilton

'We need to feel the warmth of shaken hand! Devices help, but lack the twinkling eye, such wealth!' | by Mark Timberlake on Unsplash

Switch on the Zoom, and enter these, our homes, Our little fancies all revealed, The pictures on the wall, the tired or tended plants, Our tastes in texture, colour, unconcealed.

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Goshen Friends Meeting

30 September 2021 | by Caroline Balderston Parry

'I beseech You, Spirit of the slow-ticking wall clock, expand my sense of Mystery, infuse my aging adult days with timelessness' | by Mark Timberlake on Unsplash

Shadows of my childhood family align along this plain meetinghouse bench in Chester County, where I have come to worship. Once our row was anchored by my strong blue serge-suited Father. Now I sit immersed in today’s quiet, seeking Source.

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Never again

23 September 2021 | by John Lampen

'...the tall boy bowling doesn’t foresee the khaki kit and his departure...' | by Mark Timberlake on Unsplash

In our writing group a few weeks ago we were given the prompt ‘Never again’.  It was a good choice, because it points in two directions. It is the cry of protest at an injustice or cruelty: ‘This must not happen ever again!’ And it holds the sadness, the...

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Boxing Day morning, Walpole Park

16 September 2021 | by Barbara Davey

'There is the play of a fountain. They might waken to starlings and parakeets.' | by Mark Timberlake on Unsplash

Beneath its spreading branches the conifer shelters a body tucked up against the wall. The gloom makes details difficult to discern but they’re using a sleeping bag so it must have been planned in a manner of speaking. Out of the rain, the needled ground will afford a measure...

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Source material: Angela Greenwood’s Loving Earth panel

09 September 2021 | by Angela Greenwood

Angela Greenwood’s Loving Earth panel | 'It grew into storms, forest fires and chaos. It is messy, but somehow beautiful.'

My tapestry panel for the Loving Earth Project (above) is, I think, beautiful and chaotic. For me it evokes memories of a wonderful, creative, friendly and messy learning experience, in a serene house with my tennis club friends. I want to share how it all came about.

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Come to my house

02 September 2021 | by Dana Littlepage Smith

'The footprints of Lazarus still blaze in desert dust, waiting to spark fire in imagination.' | by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

Some would number us in lost accounting piles: a wind toppled abacus of old Quakers. Our vestments of truth may be frayed to lace, the burlap of equality clotted with centuries of mistakes.

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Poem: Come to Good

26 August 2021 | by Voirrey Faragher | 2 comments


May we, in our stillness speak to thee? In this wooden house let us bless each other         and be blessed. May we see your glory, hear your peace       in this valley of birdsong. We have waited long,       and yearned   ...

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Poem: ...passeth all understanding (Philippians 4:7)

19 August 2021 | by Stephen Yeo

'This grass, that star among and between in here, over there without membrane or integument. ' | Good Free Photos on Unsplash

Not a bit of this and that, but tarmac and vapour-trails. Every where? Everything else. This grass, that star among and between   in here, over there without membrane or integument.

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