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The O of Home

10 March 2010 | by Trish Carn

The O of Home on display at the Quaker center | Photo: Trish Carn

The O of Home by Jennifer Kavanagh. O Books. ISBN: 978 1 884694 264 8. £11.99 When I went to Jennifer Kavanagh’s launch of this book at the Quaker Centre I wasn’t sure what to expect. Home – how would I define it? Is it the flat above the Meeting house? Is it a place...

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Truth as a crescent moon

03 March 2010 | by Rowena Loverance

L-r Jared McNeill, Makram J. Khoury, Toshi Tsuchitori | Photocredit Pascal Victor ArtComArt. Courtesy The Barbican.

I took part in a master class the other day. Me and about a thousand others. In a packed auditorium, we practised the sound of one hand clapping. We pointed our right hand at the stage and concentrated on being fully present in the exact point and moment. We clenched...

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The night is full of stars

03 March 2010 | by Kurt Strauss


‘The Night is Full of Stars’ by Friedrich Schmitz-Hertzberg. Sessions of York, Ebor Press Division. ISBN: 978 1 85072 397 4 Price: £9.99 plus £2.50 UK postage & packing.  There is something vaguely familiar, and slightly unsettling, about the face on the cover of this book. The eyes, looking at something just behind your left ear,...

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Spirit Rising

FREE 24 February 2010 | by Friend web

In 2008 Quakers Uniting in Publications gathered an editorial board of ten young people from different branches of Quakerism and different countries. The board spent a year gathering contributions from around the Quaker world. Then they met in 2009 to select and edit the pieces. Now titled Spirit Rising: Young Quakers Speak,...

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Leighton Park arts - The Crucible by Arthur Miller

24 February 2010 | by Geraint Thomas


In February Leighton Park staged its senior production, The Crucible. The language is challenging; the narrative gripping; the location atmospheric; the characters beautifully drawn. At Leighton Park, we wanted to concentrate on the emotional content of the play. Student actors often find it difficult to come to terms with the...

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Ackworth drama - Hairspray

24 February 2010 | by Friend web


‘Last term we performed the musical comedy Hairspray. The story explores prejudice against size and race in 1960s America. I played the role of Penny Pingleton, the main character’s best friend. Penny, a quirky, geeky, ‘in-her-own-little-world’ girl, brings with her the majority of the comedy in this play. Her...

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Window on the Square

17 February 2010 | by RV Bailey

Window on the Square by Alice Beer. Soundswrite Press. ISBN 978 0 9550786 3 7. £3. Alice Beer is a one-off. She is not like any other poet I can think of: she has a totally individual voice, a voice of simple, unassuming, unselfconscious Quaker authority. She writes about the square where she lives, whose moods...

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Small but perfectly formed

FREE 17 February 2010 | by Judy Kirby

Celebrating the Quaker Way by Ben Pink Dandelion. Quaker Books. ISBN 978 1 90712302 3 £2.50. Quakers like their theology pocket sized. I’m sure that’s why Advices & queries is so special. There’s something very Quakerly about a mobile text. In this tiny book Ben starts immediately to praise the riches of...

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Celebrating the liberal tradition

FREE 17 February 2010 | by Marion McNaughton

In the world of charitable trusts and foundations the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust is known nationally and internationally as a funder of radical causes that challenge injustice and inequality and aim to create a better, fairer world. Within the Society of Friends in Britain and Europe it is seen primarily...

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The Water Table

10 February 2010 | by Peter Bennet


The Water Table by Philip Gross. Bloodaxe Books. ISBN: 1 85224 852 1. £8.95.  Philip Gross has had a distinguished career as a writer and teacher while managing to avoid becoming a household name. He has written fiction, children’s opera, radio plays, horror and science fiction as well as poetry. The Water Table,...

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