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Images of Christ: The Road to Emmaus

20 April 2017 | by Rowena Loverance

Close-up of a section of the mosaic. | © Martin John Harris.

The post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus are for me the most beautiful, but also the most problematical, parts of the Gospels. They have inspired some of the greatest works by some of our most highly revered artists – just think of Titian’s ‘Noli me tangere’ and Caravaggio’s ‘Supper at Emmaus’...

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Faith in practice

20 April 2017 | by David Olver

Over the last decade or so, David Rubinstein has written a number of booklets on Quaker topics. But booklets by their nature are short-term reads so he has collected and published them as a 300-page book with the title Essays in Quaker History. This will give them the permanence they...

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Thomas and the lost coin

20 April 2017 | by Bill Bingham

'Thomas was the doubter, who felt the wounded hand...' | US Geological Survey / flickr CC.

Thomas was the doubter, who felt the wounded hand, And not for single moment was Thomas ever banned. No fire was lit, no stones were thrown, just balm for anxious mood, Great Love was what was found there; a Gospel understood.

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People Power: Fighting for Peace

13 April 2017 | by Ian Kirk-Smith

Left: Greenham Common banner designed and made by Thalia Campbell. Right: Rachel Wilson, back, second from right, and VAD friends, 1917. | Left: The Peace Museum. Right: © Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain.

In the past hundred years the world has experienced conflict, warfare, worldwide destruction and violent death. It has also seen the growth of a mass mobilisation of people opposed to settling conflict by violent means – a rejection of war. The Imperial War Museum (IWM) in London was set up in 1917...

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A bundle of insights

06 April 2017 | by John Lampen

‘What is most personal is most universal,’ said Carl Rogers, the well-known psychologist. We can discover the truth of this in the new play by Lynn and Dave Morris, The Bundle. It follows one woman’s journey from a heartless home and abusive marriage in Chechnya through her escape to...

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30 March 2017 | by Judith Line

Swarthmoor Hall. | Euan Rohan / Wikimedia Commons.

This is where history speaks through the present, opens up new possibilities: we cross-fertilise, plant and nurture vulnerable seedling thoughts.

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Images of Christ: The Ruthwell Cross

23 March 2017 | by Rowena Loverence

Close-up of a carving on the Ruthwell Cross. | Heather Hobma via Wikimedia Commons.

‘When fishes flew and forests walked/And figs grew upon thorn…’ I must have learned GK Chesterton’s poem ‘The Donkey’ when I was about ten. I loved its magical opening. I thought he wildly overstated the donkey’s odd appearance – did he never ride on one at the seaside?...

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The Peacock

23 March 2017 | by Phil Pinder

'...The Peacock of morning.' | Jessie Owen / flickr CC.

There are no endings, branches certainly, a life stops.

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A snowdrop in our midst

16 March 2017 | by Brenda Claxton

'Each small flower a blessing.' | apalca / flickr CC.

The wind from the east blows wild, And so I know I am alive; Despite the freezing snow.

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02 March 2017 | by Angela Nunn

'Come to the wellsprings / And drink.' | Steve Wall / flickr CC.

Come to the wellsprings. Bring only the real, authentic you. No qualifications needed. No imperfections excluded. No aptitude or personality test. No interview or selection day.

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