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George and the Flying Foxes, by Christine Hayes

04 July 2024 | by Gordon Steele

'George Fox was a strong, fit, energetic young man. He is likened to Greta Thunberg, Marcus Rashford and David Attenborough.' | Book cover of George and the Flying Foxes, by Christine Hayes

This little book, in twenty-nine short chapters, and with illustrations, is for Quaker teenagers. It is written in a racy style, full of conversations. Some of the characters are themselves Quaker teenagers, George in particular, but also Freddie and Rosie. From the first chapter they interact with Axl, Guy and...

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Come to my house

04 July 2024 | by Dana Littlepage Smith

'The footprints of Lazarus still blaze in desert dust, waiting to spark fire in imagination.' | by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

Some would number us in lost accounting piles: a wind toppled abacus of old Quakers. Our vestments of truth may be frayed to lace, the burlap of equality clotted with centuries of mistakes. Some ask, ‘What was it all for anyway, The yea and the nay, the quiet hours millioned...

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The Ethics of the Climate Crisis, by Robin Attfield

27 June 2024 | by Alan York

'We are just one of a myriad of species that make up the biodiversity of our planet, where all species contribute to the ecosystems that support us.' | Book cover of The Ethics of the Climate Crisis, by Robin Attfield

All Quakers, I think, have a concern about climate change, and here is the book you have been waiting for. It is a very readable account of the science involved, together with estimates of climatic effects on all living things, including humans, and an examination of the ethical and moral...

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The shoes for college become the shoes for work

27 June 2024 | by Karima Brooke

‘Mum, can Straight and Narrow Way have my shoes? You know, my college shoes. He needs them now.’ | by Mark Rabe on Unsplash

We’re in a rush, with errands here and there. The voice of Respect comes through the speaker, his first breath makes us think this is urgent. We tense: Rose without Thorns must concentrate is this Buses Only, or Low Emissions – are we in the right place, but wrong time?

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David Jordan, by Ronald Kirkbride

20 June 2024 | by John Lampen

'David’s belief in nonviolence is challenged by the second world war and the violent assaults on the community he is building.' | Book cover of David Jordan, by Ronald Kirkbride

Many Quaker libraries have an old copy of this book. I expect it has not been borrowed for years, although the cover proclaims it as ‘the great Quaker novel of our time’. My copy came from the Bogside in Derry, where a paramilitary drew my attention to it. I’m...

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Journeymen Theatre –  2010-2023: Our legacy project, by Lynn and David Morris

20 June 2024 | by Mike Casey

‘Telling stories which connect us with other people is a vital part of a shared theatre experience.’ | Book cover of Journeymen Theatre – 2010-2023: Our legacy project, by Lynn and David Morris

This book contains the nine plays written and performed by Lynn and Dave Morris as Journeymen Theatre, between 2010 and 2023. Both players are members of Stourbridge Meeting. The plays were commissioned by a number of Quaker bodies, and have been performed throughout the UK. The company no longer tours its work,...

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Peace of cake

20 June 2024 | by Margaret Crompton

'Something must be made' | Annie Spratt on Unsplash

They are killing women Children are dying Grandmothers weeping And I am making a cake Something must be made

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13 June 2024 | by Steve Day

'He has lost sight of the empty place on the sofa, saying it is beyond his powers to speak of such things.' | by Paul Weaver on Unsplash

The final man is too good a friend to let me down without the sound of barking madness crowning every news bulletin with the hounds of heaven.

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06 June 2024 | by Mary Mollineux (1651?-1695)

How sweet is harmless Solitude? What can its Joys controul? Tumults and Noise may not intrude, To interrupt the Soul That here enjoys it self, retir’d From Earth’s seducing Charms; Leaving her Pomp, to be admir’d By such as Court their Harms; While she, on Contemplations Wings,...

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Another England: How to reclaim our national story, by Caroline Lucas

30 May 2024 | by Martina Weitsch

'Lucas focuses on the many successful uprisings that could point to a progressive English identity.' | Book cover of Another England: How to reclaim our national story, by Caroline Lucas

The starting point for this book is its author’s profound sadness at the outcome of the Brexit referendum. Caroline Lucas, of the Green Party, makes a timely attempt to deal with that shocking political decision, in a way that allows those she refers to as ‘progressives’ to move forward....

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