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…ac ’roedd yno freuddwyd / …and there was a dream

16 November 2017 | by Dafydd Jones

A view of the Welsh countryside. | Jules Montgomery.

…ac ’roedd yno freuddwyd ’Roedd yno freuddwyd, yn llechu rhwng plygiadau tawelwch y cyrddau; dyhead am gael adnabod Cyfeillion o bedwar ban, dyhead am gael cyfrannu, fel Cyfeillion, i fywyd ein darn tir. Am gael gwneud hynny pe mynnem yn ein hiaith ein hunain. Am gael adnabod ein gilydd mewn...

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Song of the small birds

16 November 2017 | by Stevie Krayer

'...splitting the blue air is the worst, / ripping the breath from living things.' | Stuart Barr / flickr CC.

Splitting up the land came first, then splitting the coal for the warmth it brings. But splitting the blue air is the worst, ripping the breath from living things.

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Interview: Gillian Allnutt

09 November 2017 | by Jonathan Doering

Gillian Allnutt. | © Phyllis Christopher.

As a poet, teacher and editor, Gillian Allnutt has been a clear, singular voice in British poetry since her first collection, Spitting the Pips Out, appeared in 1981. She followed that debut with other remarkable collections, her role as one of four editors of the controversial New British Poetry anthology of 1988,...

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Dust to Dust

09 November 2017 | by Bill Bingham

A French trench, from 'The Illustrated War News' published in 1917. | Via Wikimedia Commons.

When the dust has settled, and battle it is o’er, What say ye then o’ sons o’ men? What say o’ bloody war? The earth is torn and ravaged, young bodies lie around, The cannon’s roar is silenced, And sullied is the ground.

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Taking a stand

09 November 2017 | by Ian Kirk-Smith

There have been many responses to the centenary of the first world war and it is worth reflecting, at this time of remembrance, on the distinctive perspective offered by Quakers.

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Patchwork quilts and eiderdowns

02 November 2017 | by Peter Smith

'The forest is alight this year, the trees they are ablaze...' | Sunchild57 Photography / flickr CC.

The forest is alight this year, the trees they are ablaze      October’s colours fill the woods, in a million joyous ways              The ash leaves burn whilst the oak leaves sway  ...

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Interview: Marina Lewycka

26 October 2017 | by Jonathan Doering

Marina Lewycka. | © Penguin Random House UK.

Marina Lewycka revealed her talent for comic writing in 2005 when her debut novel, A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian, won the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize. Two years later she was shortlisted for this award again, along with the Orwell Prize for political writing, for her thought-provoking Two Caravans. She...

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Images of Christ: The sea of faith

19 October 2017 | by Rowena Loverance

Close-up of ‘The Scapegoat’, 1854-55 (oil on canvas), by William Holman Hunt (1827-1910) | Manchester Art Gallery, UK / Bridgeman Images.

When I was planning this series of articles, however I framed them, this work by William Holman Hunt always kept turning up on the list. It is not because I think it’s a great work – I don’t. It’s clearly intended to be grotesque, but I think it...

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The Handmaid’s Tale

12 October 2017 | by Joan Taylor

Joan Taylor reflects on the television series of Margaret Atwood’s acclaimed novel. | Cindee Snider Re / flickr CC.

The series The Handmaid’s Tale, broadcast on Channel 4, has been one of the television drama successes of 2017. Now it has been shown, we can reflect on the series as a whole. It is ‘based on’ Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, and is not a simple adaptation....

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Interview: Philip Gross

12 October 2017 | by Jonathan Doering

Philip Gross. | Courtesy of Bloodaxe Books.

My wife and I decide to make my visit to Penarth to interview Philip Gross part of our holiday. We drive over the day before my appointment and that evening we visit the beach and watch our son Noah. It seems an apt image of playful innocence engaging with and...

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