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Jesus, revolutionary of the poor

16 August 2018 | by Stuart MastersIn his most recent book, Jesus, Revolutionary of the Poor: Matthew’s Subversive Messiah, Quaker prison chaplain an

In his most recent book, Jesus, Revolutionary of the Poor: Matthew’s Subversive Messiah, Quaker prison chaplain and Bible scholar Mark Bredin presents Friends and the wider Christian church with the uncompromising message of Matthew’s Gospel. Jesus, Revolutionary of the Poor reveals a God who identifies with the poor,...

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Travels of a TEFL teacher

16 August 2018 | by David Westgate

Pat Stapleton’s name will be familiar to many Friends, as she and her husband were the first representatives at the Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) Brussels office from 1979 to 1983. Her internationalist outlook goes back further in her life, however, and is fully evident in the delightful book Travels...

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Moscow diary

09 August 2018 | by Alastair Hulbert

The year 1991 was a momentous one in the Soviet Union. It led up to the resignation of president Mikhail Gorbachev and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, leaving Boris Yeltsin as president of the newly independent Russian state. Marjorie Farquharson was an Edinburgh Quaker who set up Amnesty International’s...

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Music ministry

02 August 2018 | by Ian Kirk-Smith

Paulette Meier is a Friend from Ohio who has been visiting Britain and sharing the wisdom of early Friends through her ‘song chants’. Her ‘music ministry’ involves singing quotations of seventeenth century Friends and her tour in Britain, doing workshops with Friends, took her to Swarthmoor Hall, Woodbrooke, Oxford Meeting,...

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A negotiator’s toolkit

02 August 2018 | by Joe Burlington

As floods, droughts and wildfires can neither be ignored nor rationally explained away, government departments – in every country – require ‘concise arguments for urgent climate action’.

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19 July 2018 | by Barbara Tonge

'The route I need / To reach my destination...' | Timo Arnall / flickr CC.

The route I need To reach my destination My sister losing touch with life Departing from the North at dawn Alone No-one to say ‘well done’ or ‘take a break’

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Quakers, guns and money

12 July 2018 | by Kathleen Bell

When Quakers talk about their history they tend to focus on the good bits: Quakers against war, against slavery, speaking truth to power. Priya Satia’s book Empire of Guns: The Violent Making of the Industrial Revolution also talks about Quaker history, but in a way which may cause discomfort...

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05 July 2018 | by Jonathan Doering

Thirty years ago Gillian Allnutt, the recipient of the 2016 Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry, was one of four editors of a controversial anthology: The New British Poetry. Each of the editors began their section with a foreword. Gillian Allnutt, presenting the feminist poets, offered various thoughts, including: ‘Poetry must...

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05 July 2018 | by Gillian Allnutt

may I make amendment not in the mind – Le Corbusier’s machine for living in his signed environment –

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05 July 2018 | by Tess Bailey-Sayer

The concept of truth has always fascinated me, both spiritually as a Quaker, and psychologically as a child and adolescent psychotherapist, so I was interested in how this could be explored using song and movement.

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