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‘The Kabul Peace House’ by Mark Isaacs

12 September 2019 | by Reg Naulty

Close-up of the book cover. | Hardie Grant Books.

This book tells the story – and tells it well – of a house set up in Kabul, Afghanistan, by a community of volunteers pursuing nonviolence and equality. These volunteers were young; the originator, a medic called Insaan, seems to have been in his thirties. At the house they taught and learned...

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O brother man

05 September 2019 | by John Greenleaf Whittier

'Love shall tread out the baleful fire of anger, / And in its ashes plant the tree of peace.' | Rob Mulally / Unsplash.

O brother man, fold to thy heart thy brother; Where pity dwells, the peace of God is there; To worship rightly is to love each other, Each smile a hymn, each kindly deed a prayer.

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Imperial Voyages of Discovery

29 August 2019 | by Penelope Quinton | 1 comment

'...I am no better than I ought to be.' | Himesh Kumar Behera / Unsplash.

Imperial voyages of discovery – rich chancers manning expeditions almost always equipped with the following: (1) pith helmet (ivory coloured), (2) expensive English public-school education, (3) penis. (the third item made compulsory by the second – although this item is now seen as optional at more progressive fee-paying educational establishments).

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The last days

22 August 2019 | by Sam Donaldson

'If these days are the last days...' | Caleb Ekeroth / Unsplash.

If these days are the last days I will prepare my hours a will and testimony each breath a gift each smile a legacy to pass on to the soil for the next great ascendency

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‘Sweetness of Unity: Three hundred years of Quaker minuting’ by Judith Roads

22 August 2019 | by Sue Glover Frykman

A close-up of the book cover. | Judith Roads.

In the preface to this book, the author writes that it is aimed primarily at those with some experience of Quakerism and who understand something about Quaker processes. Those interested in language or historical aspects of business English may also find nuggets of interest. Those who are, have been, or...

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‘The impact is heightened by the curator’s imaginative use of the historic setting.’

15 August 2019 | by Dorothy Jerrome

'Going going' | By Judith Bromley.

The principles of stewardship and reverence guide Seeking Routes, an art exhibition currently showing at Swarthmoor Hall. The theme is sustainability, the fragility of the natural world, and the artistic and spiritual response to it.

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Looking for cows

01 August 2019 | by Dana Littlepage Smith | 1 comment

'We went looking for God / the way one looks for a cow...' | Daniel Leone / Unsplash.

After Meister Eckhart We went looking for God the way one looks for a cow: expecting warm flanks, soft cheese while all the universe ran away from us, its rivers of milk

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‘Appeasing Hitler: Chamberlain, Churchill and the road to war’, by Tim Bouverie

01 August 2019 | by Reg Naulty

A close-up of the book cover. | Bodley Head.

What is of special interest to Friends in this story, so well told by Tim Bouverie, is the strong inclination to pacifism which existed in Britain between the wars, and the huge efforts of Neville Chamberlain to preserve peace. Bouverie writes: ‘The campaign against the arms manufacturers was continued by...

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Words to conjure with

25 July 2019 | by RV Bailey | 1 comment

'In the end, maybe all of these will do...' | Jonny Swales / Unsplash.

It’s OK – you don’t have to call yourself a Christian. That’s a word where too many difficult relations Are all too ready to drop in, some of whom You really wouldn’t want to meet for a coffee However many custard tarts were on offer.

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‘Stop Being Reasonable: Six stories of how we really change our minds’, by Eleanor Gordon-Smith

FREE 25 July 2019 | by Reg Naulty

Close-up of the book cover. | Scribe UK.

At the end of anti-religious polemics, there is often the conclusion ‘since there is no evidence for religious belief, you shouldn’t have any – if you do, you’re irrational,’ as though that were straightforward. One is interested to find, at the end of her book about being rational, Eleanor...

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