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09 April 2020 | by Harvey Gillman

'Our hearts beat to its rhythms.' | Louis Maniquet / Unsplash.

This earth is the same earth, is it not, which we traversed with determination, where, in former times, we ventured forth, when travel was permitted, and choice was ours over time and destination? This earth now proclaims a different dominion. It cries out now from the fissures we have torn...

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A prayer-poem for a pandemic

02 April 2020 | by Anon

'Let us choose love.' | Milada Vigerova / Unsplash.

May we who are merely inconvenienced Remember those whose lives are at stake. May we who have no risk factors Remember those most vulnerable.

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Poem: Anxiety

26 March 2020 | by Dana Littlepage Smith

'I asked anxiety to dig one hole.' | Nikola Jovanovic / Unsplash.

I asked anxiety to dig one hole. It went to work, until the green sward of my garden was upturned: a mole field runnelled with mud, gorged and pitted.

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‘Dublin Quakers (1650-1900)’, by Richard S Harrison

19 March 2020 | by Moragh Bradshaw | 1 comment

William Edmundson's gravestone. | James Edmundson / Find a Grave.

T his book on the growth of Quakerism in Ireland, specifically Dublin, offers a most interesting account of the spiritual, industrial and enterprising life of Friends there. It is the first study of Dublin Quakers, covering their contacts, growth, business, social, spiritual and philanthropic life. Richard S Harrison is a...

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‘Postscript’, by Patricia Gosling

19 March 2020 | by Rosemary Wells

Close-up of the book. | 'Postscript' by Patricia Gosling.

Postscript is a fascinating, far-ranging survey of contemporary issues by a retired psychotherapist. Finding release from the constraints of her profession, Patricia Gosling discovered a freedom of expression she has brought to bear over a range of thought-provoking and emotionally-felt observations.

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19 March 2020 | by Voirrey Faragher

'I'm one of those common women from Greenham' badge. | Wikimedia Commons.

It was a weight to carry – the dread overcoming me and it was time to act – to take back what was stolen from us. Our right to survive. I was not alone. Women, together, we were strong.

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‘Lock Down’: a play by Journeymen Theatre

12 March 2020 | by John Lampen

Lynn and David Morris. | Courtesy of Journeymen Theatre.

‘That’s the system – no system!’ This is the repeated cry of Ron, serving a life sentence, during Lynn and Dave Morris’ new drama, premiered to a full audience in Stourbridge Meeting House on 26 February. The play is packed with stories and incidents that make his case for him. They...

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‘The Future of Capitalism’ by Paul Collier

12 March 2020 | by Richard Seebohm | 1 comment

Close-up of book cover. | Penguin.

Publications on how to set the world to rights abound. Many focus on single issues but even the most committed Friends will look at the ills explored in this book and agree that climate change isn’t the only game in town. It hits many targets, combined as a coherent...

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27 February 2020 | by Jonathan Wooding

'...idling butterfly, bathe your peacock wings...' | ekamelev / Unsplash.

Oddling bee, take your bearings, quickener, burr and bless from bud to breaking brier. Caper through lamb’s tails, weave and waver

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‘Singing is transformative. It lifts our spirits; it heals; it is creative.’

20 February 2020 | by Juliet Morton

'Singing is transformative. It lifts our spirits; it heals; it is creative.' | David Beale / Unsplash.

Imagine being in bed and finally asleep after a tense day. Then, before dawn, before the cocks crow, a terrible loud hammering on the door. Your children wail, startled from their sleep. Men burst in and then there is chaos. Now you are elsewhere, still in your night clothes, not...

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