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Slow crawl

19 April 2018 | by Trish Munn

'A small green insect slow-crawls the keyboard...' | David Botwinik

A small green insect slow-crawls the keyboard, a cumbersome climb on delete to home. Wait… It moves on for break, and then pause before travelling back to insert, which he did, or she. Now lost forever I’m afraid to continue lest squashing an insect prolong my karma.

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Joan Baez

05 April 2018 | by Helen Johnson

Joan Baez in 2003. | Pat Swayne / Wikimedia Commons CC.

On the face of it, Jeremy Paxman’s interview with Joan Baez, broadcast recently on BBC Radio 2, could have been a straightforward plug for her current, and seemingly her last, major tour and her new album (Whistle Down the Wind). But the choice of interviewer seemed interesting, almost provocative… after...

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Final journey

22 March 2018 | by Robert Kyte

'When I make my final journey / I will travel light, / For light, and lightness are my destination.' | Jolanta Fallach / flickr CC.

When I make my final journey, in the large black Bentley with the huge windows, I shall travel light. Men will stop, remove their hats, look down as I go past, a tribute to my lightness. Acknowledging my lack of weight women will pause their children’s play and bow...

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Beyond walls

08 March 2018 | by John Bond

It is always fascinating to hear a person tell of finding a new and more satisfying direction in life. One delight of Beyond Walls, complied by Suresh Khatri, is that you can dip into it anywhere, and read a profound experience, told in a couple of pages. In this book...

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Exploring doubt

08 March 2018 | by Rosalind Smith

Oars in water | Beth Jusino / flickr CC

The cover of a book does not usually influence me but I admit to being immediately moved by this one. It shows a photograph of a lowering, open sky and the hauntingly bleak, flat marshes of the north Norfolk coastline: wild, wet and wind-swept, beloved of artists, walkers, bird-watchers and...

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Thought for the Week: Quaker cheer

FREE 01 March 2018 | by Rosie Adamson-Clark

Heavy clouds pushed gently back by a pale heatless sun Garden birds singing louder signals to me that change is here

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The dancing Quakers

01 March 2018 | by Keith Hutson

'On stage, until the spirit moves them, they don’t move...' | True British Metal / flickr CC.

In memory of Mr Dove and Miss Carman c. 1880 Friends, and nothing more, despite the gossip, rampant, when you share a dressing room and put a sign up, DO NOT KNOCK, WE ARE AT WORSHIP. That’s the nicest word I’ve seen for it! Dan Leno quipped, prompting Miss...

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Journeys with ‘The Waste Land’

22 February 2018 | by Mike Tooby

Close- up of Cecil Collins, The Quest, 1938. | Courtesy of Turner Contemporary.

‘Journeys with “The Waste Land”’ an exhibition I initiated as a curator, has recently opened at the Turner Contemporary art gallery in Margate. After six years of planning, it has so far been well attended and received, though inevitably some negative reaction has also come our way. Its starting point...

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Bird on the wire

15 February 2018 | by Trish Munn | 1 comment

Pigeon feathers. | Tjarko Busink / flickr CC.

It was a chance meeting as they often are when you’re really doing something else, or going somewhere with purpose as I was that day, in my moveable house, wheels at each side, spinning along – earth-bound traveller.

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The Quaker business tradition

01 February 2018 | by Elizabeth Redfern

Ten years ago I came to Quakers as a direct result of repeatedly hearing, over the years I was in business, that there were famous businesses of yesteryear run by a group of people called Quakers, who were leaders in industrial innovation and driven by their religious fervour. These businesses...

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