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‘Music and the Spirit is everywhere. I find it in the most surprising places.’

21 March 2019 | by Rebecca Hardy

Damon Albarn. | Linda Brownlee.

Damon Albarn is spelling out his Griot name to me. I’m having trouble with the letters, so he scribbles on my notes, then points to a gold band on his wrist, engraved ‘Makandjan Kamisokko’. ‘I was bestowed that [name] some years ago in a hut in Mali,’ he tells...

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‘Corporate Citizenship: The role of companies as citizens of the modern world’ by David Logan

21 March 2019 | by Daniel Clarke Flynn

Close-up of the book cover. | Courtesy of Panoma Press.

This is a robust personal memoir that was born from a lecture that its Quaker author, David Logan, gave to young people joining Corporate Citizenship, a global consultancy that helps businesses find their place in society. Several of the young people said, ‘You should write a book,’ so he did....

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The children in Quaker Meeting

14 March 2019 | by Dana Smith

'...remember / how it felt when the smell of still hot / chocolate and Macadamia nuts / swelled the room of our senses' | Tim Wright / Unsplash.

The children in Quaker Meeting are learning the different sorts of insulation: newspapers on the ground work for rough sleepers. Bubble-wrap pillows will lie on asphalt. For the lucky, it may be ewe’s wool in the attic, layer upon layer of lanolin blessing.

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Why Buddhism is True by Robert Wright

14 March 2019 | by Reg Naulty

Close-up of book cover. | Courtesy of Simon & Schuster.

Robert Wright has taught psychology and religion at prestigious universities. His motivation here is to overcome, or at least erode, the psychology of tribalism – the tendency to define ourselves by our opposition to some other group. He writes that now we are on the verge of a global community, we...

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Telling the Truth About God by Rhiannon Grant

07 March 2019 | by Abigail Maxwell

A close up of the book cover. | Courtesy of John Hunt Publishing.

Everyone does theology. Each of us has an understanding of what God is or is not, and for Quakers that begins with our experience. We value our meetings and the experiences we have there, which we might call ‘spiritual’. This is a direct experience, without a priest, and traditions may...

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Seen and Unseen: Ways of being along Quaker and Buddhist paths by Peter Jarman

07 March 2019 | by Roger Iredale

'Ultimately, poetry has a inner magic that is akin to religious insight...' | Detlev Klockow / Unsplash.

In developing a post-Christian and posttheist perception of what is of value in faith and practice, Peter Jarman has produced a challenging study that embraces an investigation of the meaning of God, prayer and spiritual experience. His reflections focus on his experience as a Quaker, on Buddhist belief, and on...

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The poet, the prophet and the pilgrim

07 March 2019 | by Lesley Morris

'they seek the holy space, soul space'. | Levi Guzman / Unsplash.

spirit guides their feet as they dance in a daze, in a haze waving their nets above untamed hair beach side, sea side

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‘He might well be curious about the radically unfenced Quakerism of today.’

28 February 2019 | by Philip Gross

Walt Whitman, circa 1870. | United States Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs division / Wikimedia CC.

Here he is, this Sunday, in the doorway of the Meeting house. He is wearing his hat, the grey sombrero he kept on indoors in what people saw as the Quaker manner, and the clothes that led an admirer to describe him as the ‘Good Grey Poet’. Will we greet...

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21 February 2019 | by Peter Daniels

'...We have them in the gardens inside us.' | Paulo Brandao / Unsplash.

And the springtime, after the long winter. The birds are giving off information, each tweeting like a whistle on a stick. We have them in the gardens inside us.

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It Keeps Me Seeking: The invitation from science, philosophy and religion

21 February 2019 | by Reg Naulty

Close-up of the cover of 'It Keeps Me Seeking'. | Courtesy of Oxford University Press.

Andrew Briggs is a physicist, currently working in nanomaterials at the University of Oxford. Andrew Steane is also a physics professor at Oxford. Hans Halvorson is a professor at Princeton. The latter’s doctoral thesis was about the foundations of quantum physics, and he spent a year in the Experimental...

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