About the Friend

About the Friend – discover the contemporary Quaker way.

’…under the Divine blessing, and with the assistance of our friends, which will, we trust, be liberally afforded, our pages may become the medium through which the light of gospel truth may be diffused…’
(The Friend, first edition, 1843)

Every week we provide you with news, features, personal stories, arts, humour and friendship. With the Friend you can keep up to date with contemporary Quaker thought and action.

The Friend is based in Britain and is published weekly. The editorial office is in London. 

The Friend is completely independent from Britain Yearly Meeting and is owned by The Friend Publications Ltd, a charity that also publishes the Friends Quarterly. The trustees of the Friend are appointed from members of Britain Yearly Meeting and they hold their post for three years.

The Friend Publication Ltd’s key objectives are the production and publishing of a weekly newspaper and other literature for the benefit of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) for the purpose of propagating the religious teaching of that Society and of promoting interest in its work although not an official publication of the Society.

The Friend Publications Ltd. Registered office:173 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BJ
Company registration number: 604838 (England and Wales)
Charity registration number: 211649
VAT Number: 233 7215 83