Issue 25-11-2022

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Fighting talk: Don Rowe’s Thought for the week

FREE 24 Nov 2022 | by Don Rowe

After another Remembrance Sunday, I think many Friends feel a tension between honouring those who fought in wars and staying true to our Peace Testimony. The invasion of Ukraine, and the actions of terrorist groups, present us with a challenge: would we be prepared to fight those who will not...

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Birmingham Friends install poppy mosaics

FREE 24 Nov 2022 | by Rebecca Hardy

Birminghm Friends with new mosaic

Three peace poppy ceramic mosaics were placed permanently in a Quaker garden in Birmingham to mark Remembrance. Twenty-five Quakers met for a Meeting for Worship on 5 November to celebrate the event in the garden at Bull Street Meeting. This permanent placement was coordinated by Peter Doubtfire. The mosaic was designed...

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Labour of love: Helen Meads on more Friends beginning the work on reparations

24 Nov 2022 | by Helen Meads

‘It became apparent that considerable preparation would be needed.’ | Photo: by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

Racial justice and reparations are not uncontroversial in Local Meetings (LM). Some Friends are not as aware of the issues as those who were particularly affected by, or who have begun to educate themselves since, the murder of George Floyd. We have much work to do.

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Brought to heal: Margaret Roy on a spiritual process

24 Nov 2022 | by Margaret Roy

‘We are not there to “fix” anything.’ | Photo: by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

George Fox promoted a healing ministry, and Jesus’ healing fills the pages of the Gospels. But this ministry is bypassed a little when prayer is seen as worship of a deity. How can we accommodate spiritual healing while we struggle with what we might mean by ‘spiritual’? The word gives...

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How to be a Refugee: Life lessons by one who escaped the Holocaust, by Irene Gabriele Gill

24 Nov 2022 | by Glen Williams

‘They threw themselves into political action in support of CND.’ | Photo: Book cover of How to be a Refugee: Life lessons by one who escaped the Holocaust, by Irene Gabriele Gill

Oxford Friend Irene Gill has written a truly remarkable book about the first eighty-nine years of her life. It begins with how she, her parents and siblings arrived in Oxford in 1939. Both parents were part Jewish, and needed to escape from Germany. Her father found employment at the university.

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Flower power: Brian Hodkinson on white poppies

24 Nov 2022 | by Brian Hodkinson

'Maybe we could create white poppy youth organisations to promote peace.' | Photo: White poppies from Peace Pledge Union

My father was a staunch Methodist. When I asked him how he justified going to world war two at the same time as being a Christian, he had a simple answer: ‘What alternatives did we have?’

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‘Loss and damage’ progress at COP27

FREE 24 Nov 2022 | by Rebecca Hardy

A historic ‘loss and damage’ fund has been agreed at the COP27 climate summit, after months of sustained campaigning.

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Quaker agencies sign peace statement

24 Nov 2022 | by Rebecca Hardy

Eight Quaker agencies have signed a joint statement on the Peace Testimony and the war in Ukraine.

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Comedian swears at Friends House speaker

24 Nov 2022 | by Rebecca Hardy

An event at Friends House caused controversy last week when a comedian was reported to have sworn at a doctor with anti-vaccine views.

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Chichester Friends hear BYM peace talk

24 Nov 2022 | by Rebecca Hardy

Chichester Quakers gathered to hear Oliver Robertson, head of witness and worship for Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM), talk about the difficult issues raised by war in Ukraine for those committed to peace.

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Eye - 25 November 2022

24 Nov 2022 | by Elinor Smallman

An invitation These ‘greatest hits’ are here to give you a flavour of what Eye has been (see 4 November), and to inspire you, our lovely readers, to reach out with stories and pictures you’d like to share in future editions. Let’s get to know each other in the...

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Letters - 25 November 2022

24 Nov 2022 | by The Friend

Community Thank you for printing the letter of Andrew Sterling and the article of Keith Braithwaite on the future of Quaker Meeting houses in the 11 November issue.  A sentence from the latter jumped out at me with great force. ‘And yet… it’s the Religious Society of Friends, not...

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