Issue 30-09-2022

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Action plan: Gill Sewell’s Thought for the Week

FREE 29 Sep 2022 | by Gill Sewell

I recently completed my autumn audit – looking at where I have committed my resources (time and money) for the academic year ahead, and then praying into that awareness. Am I following the call, or am I distracted by ego-led leadings? Are there things I now want to change?

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Make, believe: John Brown of Friends Community Development Trust (Uganda)

29 Sep 2022 | by John Brown

‘It was decided early on that we should support projects proposed by the Ugandan community.’ | Photo: Building Butta Community Secondary School

The Friends Community Development Trust (Uganda) was created out of a concern of Alex Gyabi of Northampton Meeting. Alex and his colleagues in Uganda set up the Butta Furniture Makers Association (BFMA) to teach practical skills. In 2013, Northampton Meeting’s Peace and Service Group worked with Alex to generate funds...

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Is the Religious Society of Friends antisemitic? Ol Rappaport believes there’s a case to answer

29 Sep 2022 | by Ol Rappaport

‘I am led to ask why Friends criticise the state of Israel so dis-proportionately.’ | Photo: by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash

Late last year I was drawn to the correspondence and articles in the Friend about Palestinians and the state of Israel. I found an emerging pattern: an apparent focus on the Israeli government to the exclusion of other nations and oppressed groups.

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The best defence? Howard Grace on monarchy and faith

29 Sep 2022 | by Howard Grace

‘Faith transcends religions.’ | Photo: by Mark Jones (Wikimedia Commons)

t the moment of his official accession as king, Charles stated his constitutional responsibility as ‘defender of the faith’. As a younger man he suggested he would prefer to be seen as a more-inclusive ‘defender of faith’.

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Roger Bannister crosses the line

29 Sep 2022 | by Rosemary Mathew

'Who can forget that famous image – the monochrome of total exhaustion, falling into arms outstretched?'

How we cheered in childhood, back when we, in the world, were young; seeing that tall figure stride, steady as a metronome, to achieve the unachievable, and, reaching the end, give us the hopefulness to believe the unbelievable.

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Friends gather for Loss and Damage Day

FREE 29 Sep 2022 | by Rebecca Hardy

Banner made by Friends at Penzance Meeting

Quakers gathered in witness this week to stand in solidarity with those living with the worst impacts of climate change. With vigils and outreach across the country, Friends in Lancaster, Cardiff, Manchester, Totnes, and Beccles gathered to support Loss and Damage Day on 22 September, calling on wealthy countries and fossil...

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Quaker ‘Just Stop Oil’ protestor in jail

FREE 29 Sep 2022 | by Rebecca Hardy

A Quaker has been imprisoned for breaking an injunction at the Kingsbury Oil Terminal as part of the Just Stop Oil (JSO) protests.

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Quakers stand with mourners after shooting of Chris Kaba

29 Sep 2022 | by Rebecca Hardy

Quakers have joined other faith groups in calling for compassion and justice in the wake of the Metropolitan Police-related fatal shooting of Chris Kaba this month.

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US Friends issue ‘call to action’ over values

29 Sep 2022 | by Rebecca Hardy

A group of US Friends has issued an ‘urgent call to action’ about what it sees as the undermining of Quaker testimonies in wider society.

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Quakers oppose Rwanda deportations

29 Sep 2022 | by Rebecca Hardy

Quakers are continuing to urge the government to drop its plans to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda.

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Walking witness: Gordon Matthews steps up

29 Sep 2022 | by Gordon Matthews

We are pilgrims, from a variety of Christian traditions, who have walked part or nearly all of the way from the North Rhine to Karlsruhe. We have held vigils for peace at Büchel, where nuclear bombs are stored, and at Ramstein, the headquarters of the US air forces in...

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All change! A call from the Living Witness Gathering

29 Sep 2022 | by Edited from the closing minute of the gathering, 29 August.

We are sixty-three Quakers gathered from across Britain, with a sense of urgency and under concern. We have heard clearly, with hope and excitement as well as fear and grief, an acute sense that this is an extraordinary time – a time of enormous challenge. This is the great, holy work...

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God willing: Clive Gordon on Quaker Christianity

29 Sep 2022 | by Clive Gordon

I recently read Derek Guiton’s A Man that Looks on Glass: Standing up for God in the Religious Society of Friends. It has helped me to better understand Quakerism as it is practised today. An old Anglican prayer comes to my mind: ‘Thou, O Lord, art the author and...

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Letters - 30 September 2022

29 Sep 2022 | by The Friend

White privilege It seems clear that the word ‘privilege’ in the context of ‘white privilege’ may be causing confusion. It is too closely associated with wealth, celebrity and high social status, and in my view calling it ‘rank’ doesn’t help – not in our class-ridden society. People addicted to drugs...

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