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Steven Crisp and Gertrude: Quaker Travelling Ministers by Rosalind Thomas

02 May 2019 | by Stuart Masters

A close-up of the cover of 'Steven Crisp and Gertrude: Quaker Travelling Ministers' by Rosalind Thomas. | Courtesy of Rosalind Thomas.

The stories we inherit about the genesis of new religious movements tend to focus on the role of one or two dominant characters. These become regarded as founding figures. But for every George Fox and Margaret Fell, there are always many other influential individuals whose faithful ministry and steadfast witness...

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The Four Horsemen: The discussion that sparked an atheist revolution

25 April 2019 | by Reg Naulty

In 2007 Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens – the ‘four horsemen’ of new atheism – sat around a table and recorded a two-hour conversation. This recent book is the transcript of that recording, with brief introductory essays by the three still living (Hitchens has died) and a foreword by...

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Elegy for Spring

18 April 2019 | by Kathleen Bell

A linnet. |

One day, when none recall how slowly leaves uncurl from buds’ bright stickiness,

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I wish

11 April 2019 | by Courtesy of Mid-Wales Area Meeting

Aleppo, Syria. | Muhannad Ghannam / Unsplash.

For myself I wish… I would like some football boots, I would like some football boots, I would like some football boots and a gaming PC, PS4 keyboard and a mouse. I would like an Xbox, I’d like some more bedclothes I would like a Yorkie bar

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‘I am witnessing, it seems, a Meeting for Worship stretched out over time.’

04 April 2019 | by Martyn Kelly

Some of the icons painted on the Woodbrooke course. | Martyn Kelly.

I am in a gathered silence but not in a Quaker Meeting, in a building that, in terms of ostentatious decoration, is ying to the Meeting house’s plain yang. The space – an Orthodox church in Bucharest – is empty save for a few people moving around with purpose. They cross...

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‘What do Quakers believe?’ by Geoffrey Durham

FREE 28 March 2019 | by Stephen Cox

Close-up of the 'What do Quakers believe?' cover. | Courtesy of Christian Alternative Books.

We British Quakers make things difficult for ourselves when communicating our faith. The reasons why have been obvious from my first days attending. We celebrate not having a creed, but this complicates any quick, coherent attempt to explain our ways; we view all statements of Quaker belief with fault-finding suspicion....

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‘Strangers’ by The Young’uns

28 March 2019 | by Steve Whiting

Close-up of the album cover. | Courtesy of The Young'uns.

I love our Quaker phrase ‘that of God’. It’s small and beautiful, and knows its limits. It gestures towards something beyond words. We use it as currency for the inexpressible yet collectively understood. We often think of it in terms of seeing it in another individual, but what does ...

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‘Our Child of the Stars’ by Stephen Cox

28 March 2019 | by Rhiannon Grant

Close-up of the cover of 'Our Child of the Stars'. | Courtesy of Jo Fletcher Books.

What do you do when you have to choose between an alien child and your government? Molly and Gene, the married couple at the heart of this warm and engaging novel, are already suspicious of their government – they’re pacifists in the US during the draft and the cold war –...

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‘Music and the Spirit is everywhere. I find it in the most surprising places.’

21 March 2019 | by Rebecca Hardy | 1 comment

Damon Albarn. | Linda Brownlee.

Damon Albarn is spelling out his Griot name to me. I’m having trouble with the letters, so he scribbles on my notes, then points to a gold band on his wrist, engraved ‘Makandjan Kamisokko’. ‘I was bestowed that [name] some years ago in a hut in Mali,’ he tells...

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‘Corporate Citizenship: The role of companies as citizens of the modern world’ by David Logan

21 March 2019 | by Daniel Clarke Flynn

Close-up of the book cover. | Courtesy of Panoma Press.

This is a robust personal memoir that was born from a lecture that its Quaker author, David Logan, gave to young people joining Corporate Citizenship, a global consultancy that helps businesses find their place in society. Several of the young people said, ‘You should write a book,’ so he did....

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