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Same-sex marriage: the work begins

07 October 2009 | by Trish Carn | 1 comment | 1 comments

The long journey to bring Yearly Meeting’s historic decision on same-sex marriage to fruition has begun.  Meeting for Sufferings (MfS) representatives heard on Saturday that one registering officer is working with a couple for a same-sex marriage planned for May next year, and that an amendment is being...

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Sheila Hancock inspires Friends during Quaker Week

FREE 07 October 2009 | by Joe Mugford | 6 comments | 6 comments

Sheila Hancock does not mince her words. This much was clear from the moment she opened her mouth and told the capacity audience in the new Quaker Centre that she had a wet bottom from getting caught in the October rain. And this was not just an ice-breaker, although it...

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Early years curriculum exemption refused

23 September 2009 | by Friend web | 0 comments

The first parental exemption request to the compulsory Learning and Development Requirements of the English Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum has been refused.  Frances Laing, a member of Wirral and Chester Meeting, received a letter from her child’s state-funded school saying: ‘The school feels… it would not...

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Bournville connections celebrated at Rugby Meeting House centenary

23 September 2009 | by Nick Matthews | 0 comments

Rugby Meeting House | John Hall

On 19 October 1909, the Rugby Advertiser reported that, a ‘Mrs WM Darby, of Birmingham, formally opened a new Friends’ Meeting house, which will be available for Adult School purposes’. The paper liked the new building. ‘The new Meeting house is of a pleasing design, and reflects much credit upon the architect,...

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Saving the bees – an update

23 September 2009 | by Philip Barron | 1 comment | 1 comments

Honey bee | Wolfpix/flickr CC:BY

Despite an international campaign on their behalf, the plight of the world’s bees remains critical. Apart from producing honey, these industrious insects play a vital role in pollinating food plants and an estimated one-third of our human diet depends on their efforts.  As reported in the Friend (19 June)...

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Alternative economies?

23 September 2009 | by Joe Mugford | 0 comments

Launch poster | courtesy Brixton Pound

At the very beginning of this year, the Friend dedicated an entire issue to looking at ‘human economics’ or, in the words of the BBC’s Robert Peston, ‘the new capitalism’: that is, different attempts to experiment with ways in which economics operate on a human level. These attempts are...

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Should assisted suicide be sanctioned by law?

18 September 2009 | by Philip Barron | 0 comments

Should the terminally ill have to travel abroad in order to die? | ArtToday

Recent high-profile cases, such as those of Debbie Purdy and Sir Edward Downes, have intensified the debate about whether it should be made legal to assist a person to take their own life.  The archbishops of Canterbury and Westminster, with chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks, published a joint statement objecting...

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Quaker approach to business under the spotlight

18 September 2009 | by Joe Mugford | 0 comments

Quaker attitudes to business and employment have been in the spotlight this week, following the attempted takeover of Cadbury by American food giant Kraft. On BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day on Friday 11 September Catherine Pepinster, editor of Catholic weekly The Tablet, used the news story to fulsomely praise...

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The future begins today

16 September 2009 | by Beth Allen | 0 comments

The Friends Center grass roof with the Philadelphia skyline in the background | Erick Emerick

‘How can we integrate our buildings with our witness and service, and with our testimonies for peace and justice? Ten years ago we saw a moral imperative – to minimise this Center’s impact on the earth. Friends Center now represents the marriage of our faith and our practice.’ In their...

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Remembering the refugee children of the second world war

11 September 2009 | by Joe Mugford | 0 comments

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