Issue 02-10-2020

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‘Should I cultivate my elasticity or my plasticity?’

FREE 1 Oct 2020 | by Helen Drewery

Some substances are prized for their ability to stretch and twist, returning to their original shape when the forces that distort them have gone. They are pliant and responsive under pressure. Afterwards they relax. Elastic bands, for instance, work because they are trying to get back to their unstretched shape....

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Campaign to save trees

FREE 1 Oct 2020 | by Rebecca Hardy

Trees on the A269 that Huddersfield Friends are trying to save. | Photo: Linda Partington

A campaign including Huddersfield Quakers featured on ITV news last week after supporters gathered to protest against council plans to widen one of West Yorkshire’s most congested routes.

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‘As our needs intensify, so may our relationship to God.’

1 Oct 2020 | by Gretchen Castle

‘The suffering of the world remains, but through faith we are relieved of the heavy heartedness of our humanness. Spirit brings a new way of being in the world' | Photo: Mohammad Metri on Unsplash.

I was reminded recently by Kelly Kellum, the general secretary of Friends United Meeting in the US, that a mutual Friend of ours used to say: ‘Don’t ask me how I am doing unless you are prepared to listen to my answer’. This wise Friend reminded us to pay...

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‘Benevolence was not some kind of adjunct to ordinary life.’

1 Oct 2020 | by Paul Vallely

‘For George Cadbury his whole life was an adventure in philanthropy. That is clear from the breadth of his interests.’ | Photo: George Cadbury (centre) with his wife and grandchildren.

Before Quakerism, business and benevolence were largely seen as parallel, compartmentalised activities. Other philanthropists had spent the first part of their life making money, and the second part working out the most productive ways to give it away. With Friends, that changed: business and philanthropy worked hand in hand. This...

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‘Millions of animals and plants are dying out.’

1 Oct 2020 | by Hilary Saunders

‘We cannot allow this devastation to continue.’ | Photo: Bill Oxford on Unsplash.

Did you see David Attenborough’s new BBC show, Extinction: The facts? How did it make you feel? For me, the documentary revealed some heart-breaking truths. Millions of animals and plants are dying out because of the way humans are treating nature. Our demand for consumer goods, particularly meat and...

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‘Personal development and the sense of “family” remain.’

1 Oct 2020 | by Lesley Reynolds

'I came away thinking that instead of town twinning we need climate change twinning.' | Photo: Marcel Strauß on Unsplash.

Seventy-two participants began with worship, during which Quaker faith & practice 23.10 was read. We were exhorted to live in a state of deepening spirituality through prayer, in the context of witnessing to justice, peace and the integrity of creation. Only God can show us the way out of the mess...

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Quakers urge rethink on Overseas Operations Bill

FREE 1 Oct 2020 | by Rebecca Hardy

Friends have expressed dismay that a controversial armed forces bill passed its second reading in parliament last week.

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Friends ‘connect dots’

1 Oct 2020 | by Rebecca Hardy

Friends gathered virtually to discuss interconnected European social issues highlighted by the Covid-19 crisis in an ‘online conversation’ set up by Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA). Andrew Lane, from QCEA, said that Friends came together for the event on 22 September to ‘discern the bigger picture when it comes to...

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Controversial aid for US Quaker school

1 Oct 2020 | by Rebecca Hardy

A US Quaker school was among a group of private institutions that have been recently criticised for accepting federal aid for businesses struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Poems for Peace

1 Oct 2020 | by Rebecca Hardy

Quaker Roots, the network of Friends building a radical response to the Defence and Security International (DSEI) arms fair, held a poetry workshop last week in preparation for their 2021 peace witness.

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‘We certainly got to know the children a little better!’

1 Oct 2020 | by Leonora Davies

Our children at Hampstead Meeting have been meeting weekly by Zoom, and our young people once a month. The children’s sessions (for our four- to ten-year-olds) are organised from 10.00am for thirty minutes, so that the adults involved are able to join the larger online meeting at 11.00am. Initially,...

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Letters - 2 October 2020

1 Oct 2020 | by The Friend

Eurosatory 2022 I am grateful to Christopher Hatton for his piece about Eurosatory 2022 (11 September). He reminds us about the folly of war, the irony of caring more about the health and safety of exhibitors of weapons of mass destruction rather than their victims, and the fact that now, more than ever,...

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