Letters - 2 October 2020

From Eurosatory 2022 to Life-giving territory

Eurosatory 2022

I am grateful to Christopher Hatton for his piece about Eurosatory 2022 (11 September). He reminds us about the folly of war, the irony of caring more about the health and safety of exhibitors of weapons of mass destruction rather than their victims, and the fact that now, more than ever, as a world we need to come together and learn how to cooperate for our mutual benefit. 

It is often difficult to know where to start. It seems to me we need a workbook (maybe there is one I don’t know about?) similar to the one Fred Ashmore reviews in the same edition (Me and White Supremacy) that deals, in this case, with how our everyday actions and privileges contribute to maintaining the arms trade and fuel war.

We might all benefit from looking at the Stop Fuelling War website, the Quaker Roots website, Advices and queries 31, as well as where, if we have any, our investments are located.

Helen Carter-Shaw

‘Quakers and Time’

What would you think of if you hear the title ‘Quakers and Time’?
Would you think of the way Quakers have changed over time?
Would you think more about what will Quakers become in the future?
Perhaps you will think about how the world outside has changed over time and we have to adapt?
Most of us will know how we ourselves change as we age. Or do you think about what we do with the time we’ve got?

I’ve been working with two other adults and two wonderful teenagers to try to set up an all-age regional gathering for the northwest of England and Wales since last year. The title’s great, the ideas keep flowing, but we have had to jump and change, like everyone else, to put it all on Zoom. And can we motivate the teenagers to come along too?

I hope we can tell you how it went after it happens, on 24 October in the morning, but meanwhile, just to let you know that Quakers do need to meet, we want to keep learning, and have fun as a community. I thought it would be good to let everyone who reads the Friend know that you are welcome, particularly if you live in the old areas of Lancashire and Cheshire General Meeting, and North Wales. Let me know if you want the details.     
Andrew Backhouse

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