‘We certainly got to know the children a little better!’

Still figuring out how to do Children’s Meeting online? Leonora Davies on how they manage in Hampstead

'Since May, families have been involved in the planning and presentation.' | Photo: Family zoom session.

Our children at Hampstead Meeting have been meeting weekly by Zoom, and our young people once a month. The children’s sessions (for our four- to ten-year-olds) are organised from 10.00am for thirty minutes, so that the adults involved are able to join the larger online meeting at 11.00am. Initially, the Children’s Meetings were led on a rota basis by three anchors from our regular pool of adults. We are delighted to say that these have developed, changed and thrived over the weeks and months. The children have adapted well to the online approach and in many cases have been much more adept at the technology than the adults. I have learned a great deal from the children!

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