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Something to think about

13 October 2009 | by Stuart Donnan


Good Value: reflections on money, morality and an uncertain world by Stephen Green. Allen Lane. ISBN: 978 1846142 36 9. £25.  Here’s a book from one of what has been called the ‘City bonus brigade’, which will be of great interest to Quakers for a variety of reasons. The author is chairman of...

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Status QUO

13 October 2009 | by Sarah Lawson | 1 comment

The Forest Hill ukulele crew | Chris Richards

Inspired by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (actually an octet) and their performance of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy at the Proms last August, Forest Hill Friends in south London have formed their own Quaker Ukulele Orchestra, or QUO. The twelve beginning strummers have as their teacher the ‘beginner-in-chief’,...

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Sanctuary for Strangers

07 October 2009 | by Hilary Thorndike

‘Becoming a City of Sanctuary: a practical guide with inspiring examples’ by Craig Barnett and Inderjit Bhogal. Plug and Tap. ISBN: 978 0 9562120 0 9. £9.50. Available from City of Sanctuary: In their innovative handbook, Craig Barnett and Inderjit Bhogal have produced a thorough description of how groups of like-minded citizens...

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Reconciliation wins

07 October 2009 | by John Marsh

From a Clear Blue Sky by Timothy Knatchbull. Hutchinson. ISBN: 978 0 09193 146 9. £20.  This book tells of a remarkable journey that Timothy Knatchbull felt he had to take to say goodbye to his twin brother, Nicholas, who was killed by the IRA bomb that blew up the boat on which Louis Mountbatten,...

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Sheila Hancock inspires Friends during Quaker Week

FREE 07 October 2009 | by Joe Mugford | 6 comments

Sheila Hancock does not mince her words. This much was clear from the moment she opened her mouth and told the capacity audience in the new Quaker Centre that she had a wet bottom from getting caught in the October rain. And this was not just an ice-breaker, although it...

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Quaker thought in poetry

FREE 30 September 2009 | by Gerard Benson

I’m a Quaker and I’m a poet. Both of these aspects of who I am are full-time. They’re not always compatible. There are things I write that I wouldn’t submit to a Quaker publication. There are facets of my Quakerism that don’t go into my...

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Quaker thought in literature

FREE 30 September 2009 | by Marina Lewycka

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FREE 30 September 2009 | by Harvey Gillman

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Talk and tango

23 September 2009 | by Fiona Foulkes


Talk Together, a new initiative, met for its inaugural conference this August in Oxford. Aimed at teaching students conflict resolution skills and providing a forum for students from either side of a conflict to come together, I was lucky enough to attend as a ‘neutral’ student. As a group of...

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Three special places

23 September 2009 | by R N Clarke

Cannock Chase’s German War Cemetery. | R N Clarke

Not so far from my home in Stafford are three special places. Special because they give genuine worth and dignity to the lives of particular individuals, and in so doing give meaning to all our lives. Cannock Chase’s German War Cemetery, Commonwealth Cemetery and Katyn Memorial are all to...

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