Issue 10-09-2021

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A woman of her word: Bob Lovett’s thought for the week

FREE 9 Sep 2021 | by Bob Lovett

In the late 1940s I used to look forward to listening to Alistair Cooke’s weekly Letter from America on BBC Radio 4. In the pandemic of the 2020s I looked forward with equal pleasure to receiving a weekly email that was addressed ‘Letter to Newton Abbot Friends’.

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The lie of the land: Elizabeth Coleman on truth, Rwanda and Congo

9 Sep 2021 | by Elizabeth Coleman

‘The people of Congo continue to live in poverty, while much of its massive wealth is taken by foreign countries.’ | Photo: by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

As Quakers, we seek truth. But, as Thomas Penny reminded us in this year’s Swarthmore Lecture, truth is not a simple thing. Truth is complex and complicated. There are ways of being untruthful without telling direct lies.

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Something old, something new: Tony D’Souza on the Ancient Way

9 Sep 2021 | by Tony D’Souza

‘Accept only the sacred and eternal oneness and then be still.’ | Photo: by davide ragusa

The Ancient Way is unlike any other way. It is very old. I have no idea how old it is. It is older than the hills, older than the universe – it is probably older than God. If you want to know it, you will know it when you are ready...

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Quakers on Songs of Praise

FREE 9 Sep 2021 | by Rebecca Hardy

Songs of Praise | Photo: © Ben Pink Dandelion

Pendle Hill Quakers are to feature in a BBC Songs of Praise episode this weekend.

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Follow the bear: Bamber Hawes takes it in his stride

9 Sep 2021 | by Bamber Hawes

'This will not be a shouty, banner-waving demonstration but I am confident it will get some attention.' | Photo: courtesy of Bamber Hawes

Calling anyone who would like to be part of a commitment to our living, breathing Earth and the future of all life. I am organising a Climate Crisis Pilgrimage from South Shropshire to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow. Would you be interested in...

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Source material: Angela Greenwood’s Loving Earth panel

9 Sep 2021 | by Angela Greenwood

Angela Greenwood’s Loving Earth panel | Photo: 'It grew into storms, forest fires and chaos. It is messy, but somehow beautiful.'

My tapestry panel for the Loving Earth Project (above) is, I think, beautiful and chaotic. For me it evokes memories of a wonderful, creative, friendly and messy learning experience, in a serene house with my tennis club friends. I want to share how it all came about.

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Friends get ready for DSEI

FREE 9 Sep 2021 | by Rebecca Hardy

Friends have welcomed the London mayor’s statement that the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair should not return to London.

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Interfaith pilgrimage for COP26

9 Sep 2021 | by Rebecca Hardy

More than sixty interfaith pilgrims came together in King’s Lynn last month to end their march across Norfolk highlighting the need for action on climate change.

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BYM welcomes child protection report

9 Sep 2021 | by Rebecca Hardy

Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) has welcomed recommendations set out in a major report into child protection in religious organisations and settings.

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Quaker Question Time with John Bird

9 Sep 2021 | by Rebecca Hardy

The founder of the Big Issue Group John Bird will feature in the third Quaker Question Time.

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Pray tell: John Bouttell experiments with light

9 Sep 2021 | by John Bouttell

I’d like to share my experience of the Sunday morning ‘Experiment with Light’ meditation at Sheffield Meeting House. Although the process is a mystery to me, I have found meditation to be a great help.

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Our better nature? Nick Tyldesley digs in

9 Sep 2021 | by Nick Tyldesley

This verse from ‘God’s Garden’ by Dorothy Frances Gurney neatly expresses the connection between spirituality and horticulture: ‘The kiss of the sun for pardon / The song of the birds for mirth / One is nearer God’s heart in a garden / than anywhere else on earth’.

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There is a toad in my garage

9 Sep 2021 | by Susan Nuttgens

There is a toad in my garage All the small birds have gone away Or maybe the local cats got them Or the magpies.

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Letters - 10 September 2021

9 Sep 2021 | by The Friend

Back to basics I am concerned that we are losing our way. We are the Religious Society of Friends, which implies to me that we believe in an external Light, God or Force – whatever you may call it. We have our basic testimonies – Peace, Truth, Simplicity, Equality and Respect for...

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