‘We’re writers; we needed to write.’

Is there a link between Quaker worship and creative collaboration? Philip Gross on the art of holding the space between us

‘I’m not suggesting that collaboration in the arts and worship are the same thing, but each offers a clue to the other.’ | Photo: iStock.com / Feodora Chiosea.

It is hard to say this without sounding pretentious or mystical, but we seemed to be hearing voices. Two poets with thirty years of writing experience each, Lesley Saunders and I had all the craft it takes to say what we meant with our poetry, but this was something different. It was the summer of 2016, in the midst of the upheavals of the referendum, daily news of migrants drowning in the Mediterranean, jagged fault lines opening in politics all over the world… The air was full of raw feelings and entrenched opinions on all sides. To add more of our own would have shed no light on the conflict around us. But we’re writers; we needed to write.

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