Towards the Source/Tua’r Tarddiad

Gerald Hewitson welcomes an important new Quaker book

Mountains, Snowdonia, Wales. | Photo: Photo: Berit Watkin / flickr CC.

Borders and boundaries are often sources for reflection, but many Quakers resist clear categorisation ‘…it’s not possible to say when night becomes day, when summer becomes autumn or exactly where a river enters the sea… Nor are there boundaries between the ordinary everyday things and things of the spirit. Both seem to overlap, somehow, and become one.’  Often Quakers celebrate their life journey as liminal space: a place, by definition, which is betwixt and between – the only space, according to Richard Rohr, where we can truly learn: ‘… the walk [was] a separate space, a segment of time that was different, where I concentrated more on the things of the spirit, when I pushed myself physically and spiritually.’

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