Thought for the Week: Wonder

'Wonder' by Jacqui Poole

What is it, I wonder, that gives rise to
Wonder? It’s not my choice – it happens –
That I catch my breath and rest my dancing
Gaze on patterns that the tide has left as
Gift to the observing eye in sand that’s softly
Given way to its insistent bidding.

And now the light the morning sun bestows
Upon the is-ness all around me offers to this
Seeing eye a cabaret of colour, a symphony of
Texture and of shade – but surely it’s the mind
Behind the eye that clothes the stuff out there
With meaning! A sort of co-creation’s taken place

In this fleeting, still repeating morning’s moment
One finite mind is touched by intimations of another
Mind communicating and collaborating with it as it
Reaches out to slake its hunger, quench its thirst for
Loveliness. So minds meet momentarily, this tiny, time-
Worn fragment thrilling to the Whole of which it’s part.

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