Thought for the Week: Letting the Light sing

Roswitha Jarman reflects on the Ocean of Light

Walking to Meeting I saw, overhead, dark grey clouds moving that were rimmed with a golden colour, a stimulus to reflect on the Light within and the Light beyond: the Ocean of Light at work?

My watercolour art book has the title: Let your Colours Sing. It is easy to lose the transparency of colour, to lose the quality of light shining through it. Often my watercolour painting ends up with muddy colours.

Am I letting the colours of my life muddy up? Or do I let these colours sing? Do I keep them clean and transparent? I need to constantly focus my awareness on the Inner Light to let it shine through all I do: a never ending, joyful and uplifting task.

What nurtures and uplifts our spirit in these confusing and dark times?

I do not pray to a God out there to give me a helping hand. I remember with great affection the American Quaker Douglas Steere, with whom I shared my condition many years ago at a dark time. He responded: ‘Remember we are not alone.’ He was not referring to our human companions: he was speaking of the power of the Light, which for him was God.

When I become transparent, and am open to the Inner Light, and when I let this golden Light envelop the dark clouds, my energy is lifted, my compassion rises, and an inexplicable joy fills me. When this Light is part of me, whatever I do has a different quality.

This September Roswitha is leading a weekend course at the Glenthorne Quaker Centre on ‘Nourishing the Spirit’.

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