‘They came from different parts of Scotland, including one of the islands.’

Going to the Zoom: video-conferencing works for enquirers too, says Gill Reid

‘It is always inspiring to listen to other people’s journeys towards Quakerism.’ | Photo: by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

Scotland’s geography has meant that more people have found it easier to attend Zoom Meetings, including some who have never been before.Scottish Friends have a yearly enquirers day and so we decided to use Zoom for this too. Nine people signed up for the day, which started at 10.30am and finished at 3.00pm. We allowed an hour and a half for lunch recognising that being in front of a screen for so long would be exhausting. Four speakers gave fifteen-minute talks, one a short guide to Quaker history, structures, and business, and the others discussing ‘Why I am a Quaker’.

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