‘There is a great need to nurture all Friends into a way of being.’

In a theologically diverse Society, asks Derrick Whitehouse, what would it mean to be a people of prayer?

‘It is my feeling that prayer still encompasses the feeling of “in touch-ness” that surpasses any other description.’ | Photo: Milada Vigerova on Unsplash.

Brian Speedy was a well-respected Friend and treasurer to Friends Home Service (now Quaker Life). He liked to talk about ‘having money in the kitty’ and often had us in stitches with his delivery on the Home Service financial position. But Brian, who was a senior figure in Lloyds of London, was more than that. He had a passion that Quakers should become a ‘people of prayer’. I always understood that he meant everyone who is Quaker should feel that way. So where are we today on that notion?

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