‘The whole world stands in need of a non-dogmatic spirituality.’

Still convinced: Richard Seebohm has some lessons from Geoffrey Hubbard

Close-up of the cover of 'Quaker by Convincement'. | Photo: Penguin Books.

Geoffrey Hubbard, who died in 1998, was a polymath: a physicist, scriptwriter, futurologist and educational technologist. In 1974 he wrote Quaker by Convincement. This neat paperback is still offered to enquirers as an honest road to Quaker faith and practice (if I may coin a phrase). What those of us who hand it out may not always notice is its closing chapter. This has a darker tone. It exposes the shortcomings of the Quaker community in his day and seems to me to have unchanged relevance now. The process of restructuring now seen in Friends House makes this all the more timely.

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