The universal Spirit

Gerard Guiton offers a personal interpretation of the Spirit

‘…the Source of One-der and joy’ | Photo: Volalto / flickr CC

Jesus was a man, not God. He did not ‘come’ to ‘redeem’ us from our ‘sin’, nor was he ‘sent’ by God to ‘atone’ for our wrongdoings. Instead, he chose to die for Love, his Abba-Imma (Hebrew for ‘faith-mother’). This Love (or ‘Word’ as John calls it in his gospel) is the ‘Kingdom’. It is not a human kingdom but of Abba-Imma. This Kingdom is inside, among and around us as the Presence of Love, a Love that is only ‘almighty’ in its omnipresence as Love, in its capacity as Divine peace, justice and compassion.

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