‘The story of Romero’s martyrdom is compelling.’

El Salvador has a history of conflict, but courage too. Anne M Jones visited to learn more about the recently-beatified Óscar Romero

Óscar Romero statue, Westminster Abbey. | Photo: Waymarking.com.

El Salvador rarely features in the news, except when included as one of those Central American countries from which the USA deters migration. I felt a human responsibility to understand more, since I am involved in refugee issues in Europe. After all, the UK is said to enjoy a ‘special relationship’ with the USA. I also wanted to learn about human rights activists there, especially Óscar Romero, recently beatified, who was assassinated because of his outspokenness. A pilgrimage organised with The Archbishop Romero Trust opened my eyes in ways I had not foreseen, and left me pondering what we mean by words like ‘holocaust’, ‘genocide’ or ‘massacre’.

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