The Joy of Tax

Roger Iredale welcomes an informative and important new book that advocates radical changes to the present tax system

'A fair tax system can create a better society'. | Photo: http:// via flickr CC.

Richard Murphy’s new book, The Joy of Tax, is subtitled ‘How a fair tax system can create a better society’. The author’s intriguing title conceals a carefully crafted discussion of the central importance of tax within a nation’s economy and social policy. Tax is little discussed or understood by the public, and this is a bold attempt to convince us all of its central importance, not only as a mechanical basis for funding the services and institutions that we want, but as the keystone of a democratic society. In his introduction Richard refers to his two sons:

Every morning I wake up thinking that if I have one thing to do it is to make the world a better place for them, their friends and all of their generation.

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