The Journal of Elias Hicks

Abigail Maxwell goes in search of a Friend who desired a deeper experience of worship

Elias Hicks | Photo: Friends House Library

The Journal of Elias Hicks, editor Paul Buckley. Inner Light Books. ISBN 978 0 9797110 5 3. £18.  Hicks is of great importance in Quaker history. After 1827 there was a significant rift in American Quakerism with neither side recognising the other. After this, other American Yearly Meetings split.  The larger group were labelled ‘Orthodox’, and the smaller, ‘Hicksite’, after Elias Hicks, who was then seventy-nine. He had been travelling in the ministry since he was thirty-one, thousands of miles on horseback or by carriage. Hundreds thronged his meetings, Baptists and Episcopalians as well as Quakers.

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