The coming of the Light: A ‘protean’ understanding by Derrick Whitehouse

‘Light is the foundation of our Society, yet these days we appear to be rather disordered in the way we think of and handle it.’

‘We are so fortunate that our predecessors worked on and developed the concept of Light, and made it the foundation of our Society.’ | Photo: by Mikael Kristenson on Unsplash.

Walk in the Light, wherever you may be!
Walk in the Light, wherever you may be!
In my old leather breeches and my shaggy, shaggy locks,
I am walking in the glory of the Light, said Fox.

This joyful and well-known chorus is the song by Sydney Carter, which conveys George Fox and one way we might interpret Light. We know how George and others of the Valiant Sixty were healers in the Light as it was presented in their day, and many turned towards it. Since those days healing seems to have changed. In many ways we have become more knowledgeable, yet we seem less reliant on Light (especially with healing as a result of the progress in allopathic medicine). Yet there is something of a revival with spiritual healing in our Religious Society.

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