Sons and mothers

Janet Scott writes about the sorrow of bereavement and how Friends found comfort

On the 7 June 1918 the Friend contained notices of the deaths of Norman Gripper and Hugo Jackson, members of the Friends Ambulance Unit (FAU) working in the Section 14 ambulance convoy. More details emerged over the following weeks. On 14 June the Friend published a report from the FAU, which contained the following:

A telegram and a pencilled note on the back of an envelope contain all the news I have received so far of the loss of two members of the Convoy, Norman Edward Gripper, who came out to the Unit in January, 1916, and worked at two of the stations of the Aide Civile Belge, prior to his joining the Convoy in June, 1916, and Hugo Harrison Jackson, who came out in December, 1914, and worked at the Sacré-Cœur and other of the Unit’s Hospitals until he became a member of the Convoy in December, 1915. They were killed on the 27th, and buried on the 28th. The car which Norman Gripper was apparently driving at the time, had to be abandoned.

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