Salisbury Friends host repair café

Friends in Salisbury have saved over 200 kilograms of waste from going to landfill since hosting a regular repair café at the Meeting house

A ‘repair café’ hosted by Salisbury Meeting has saved over 200 kilograms of waste from landfill, according to local Friends.

Quaker Patsy Fraser, who volunteers for the monthly initiative, told the Friend that every item mended is weighed to assess the café’s environmental impact. Around 200 visitors have come through the doors of the café since it began in November and, she said, ‘the numbers are increasing significantly each time. We have four sewers and machines set up, as well as electrical repairs for radios, televisions, toasters and electronics, as well as for toys and woodwork. We’re also trying to help people learn how to fix things, and are considering doing a sewing workshop.’

The project is part of the Repair Café network, which started in the Netherlands and has around 2,000 cafés worldwide.

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