Rub of the green: Rebecca Hardy talks to co-leader of the Green Party, Carla Denyer

‘I have to dedicate my life to trying to fix this.’

You are a mechanical engineer by training. When did you first become acutely aware of the climate crisis and realise that you wanted to actively work towards tackling it?
It was part way through my degree actually. Of course I was aware of climate change, throughout school and college etc, but it was about halfway through my degree that I had an epiphany that it isn’t just an issue but the biggest issue facing humanity and I really felt that that was it, I have to dedicate my life to trying to fix this. Now, halfway through a mechanical engineering degree at the time, the obvious ways of me doing that was to work in some sort of sustainable engineering field so I applied for jobs in renewable energy and training companies, and the job that I ended up going for was a renewable energy consultancy so that was what brought me to Bristol.

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