Quakers join calls to save EU peace project

Quaker bodies are among those that have signed a declaration called: ‘Save the European Peace Project’

Quaker bodies are among 108 organisations that have signed a declaration called: ‘Save the European Peace Project.’

According to Christoph Bongard, from ‘forumZFD’ which organised the declaration, more than 12,000 people have signed the call since early February. He said: ‘The majority [are] from Germany, but among them are also European networks and organisations from eleven other EU… states.’

Marisa Johnson, executive secretary of Friends World Committee for Consultation’s Europe and Middle East Section (FWCC-EMES), told the Friend: ‘A number of Quaker bodies, including FWCC-EMES and Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA), have signed this declaration to hold the European Union to its founding principle of enabling peace among nations who had previously engaged in disastrous and terrifying wars. We want Europe to be a beacon of peace and stability for the world, tackling abuses of human rights and the challenges of the climate emergency.’

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