Quakers condemn anti-BLM vandalism

Woodbridge Friends send 'statement of solidarily'

Woodbridge Quakers have sent a ‘statement of solidarity’ to the organisers of a local Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest after white supremacist graffiti was found in nearby villages and BLM posters were removed in the town. The statement expressed support to the BLM movement and condemned the killing of George Floyd and the tragic deaths of people of colour at the hands of the police, as well as the graffiti and vandalism.

‘We recognise that to remain silent in the face of systemic violence is to be complicit in that violence,’ said the statement on 18 June. ‘We add our voices to all people and groups calling for an immediate end to institutional racism. We acknowledge the pain of our black friends. As a predominantly white community, we acknowledge our own part in an unjust system. We commit to listen and be led by our BAME [Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic] friends fighting for justice.’

Ann Floyd, clerk to Quaker World Relations Committee for Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM), and Paul Parker, recording clerk for BYM, also signed a letter sent to Robin Mohr in Philadelphia, via Friends World Committee for Consultation, Section of the Americas. It said: ‘We have been inspired by Quaker communities in the United States who are taking a stand against racism and white supremacy. We hold in the Light those who are working for change at this difficult time, and stand with you against racism in all its forms.’

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