Quaker ‘Just Stop Oil’ protestor released

Rajan Naidu was arrested after returning to an oil terminal in Kingsbury following injunction.

A Quaker imprisoned on remand for breaking a protest injunction was released last week.

Rajan Naidu, of Stourbridge and Hampstead Meetings, had been issued with an injunction not to return to an oil terminal in Kingsbury where he protested for the Just Stop Oil (JSO) group. He later returned with fifteen others and was arrested.

A JSO spokesperson l told the Friend: ‘Rajan spent six days in custody. He had twice breached the injunction brought by North Warwickshire council and was in contempt of court for not attending a hearing. He was taken to court from prison on 17 May. As he had already spent six days in custody (the equivalent of a twelve-day sentence), he was not fined or further imprisoned and did not have to pay costs.’

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