Quaker approach to business under the spotlight

In light of the Kraft attempt to take over the Cadbury enterprise, Joe Mugford explores how Quaker values are being employed in business today

Quaker attitudes to business and employment have been in the spotlight this week, following the attempted takeover of Cadbury by American food giant Kraft. On BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day on Friday 11 September Catherine Pepinster, editor of Catholic weekly The Tablet, used the news story to fulsomely praise Quaker values and practices. The fortunes made by Cadbury, Rowntree and Fry, she said, ‘are a vivid reminder that there is money to be made even when you act responsibly, inspired by strong values’. Helen Rowlands from the Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, meanwhile, was interviewed on several BBC local radio stations on Sunday 13 September about the historical Quaker connections with Cadbury, and Cadbury’s legacy in current employment law.

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