Poetry in motion again: the final leg of James Priestman’s itinerant witness

‘I have never known my poetry to be so divisive.’

‘Tommy has lived out a simpler life than most people I know, and is also one of the most content people that I have ever met.’ | Photo: James Priestman in Brigflatts

Last year, I resolved to spend four weeks hitchhiking around the United Kingdom as a way of talking to people about the Quaker testimonies. In June I spent a week hitchhiking to Quaker sites of interest in Leicestershire and Lancashire (1 July, 2022). In August I spent two weeks hitchhiking and engaging with audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (7 October, 2022). The fourth and final week of my itinerant witness was a visit to Quaker sites in the Lake District. Here is what happened.

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