‘People power’ in Kingston open days

Kingston Meeting takes part in Heritage Open Days, now in its twenty-fifth year

Kingston Meeting celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Heritage Open Days (HOD) scheme last week with an exhibition of Quaker involvement in grassroots movements. The theme of ‘People Power’ celebrates how grassroots movements have influenced change in society.

Gill Holdsworth, clerk to elders at Kingston Meeting, told the Friend that the exhibition had been organised on seven panels under the headings: peace; justice and human rights; science; medicine and health; the arts; industry and commerce; and the Earth and the environment to illustrate Quaker involvement in these fields of endeavour.

She said: ‘It’s remarkable how Quakers, a relatively small group of ordinary people from commonplace backgrounds, contributed so much to the social and economic history of Britain. We also illustrate how Quakers today continue to work in the fields of humanitarianism, peace-making and sustainable living.’

The exhibition was open at Kingston Quaker Centre on 14-16 September and will remain in place until the end of Quaker Week on 6 October. The panels will be available for loan to other Meetings from 2020.

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