‘Peace tree’ at WWI centenary event

Friends in Woodbridge have adopted a 'Tree for Peace' that will play a key role in an upcoming community event

A ‘Tree for Peace’ adopted by Friends is to play a key role in a world war one centenary event in Woodbridge, bringing together Quakers and members of the Royal British Legion (RBL), on 8 July.

Woodbridge Friends proposed to the Woodbridge Town Council that the town had a ‘Tree for Peace’. The council agreed and a large red maple tree in Kingston Field was selected. The tree has a plaque attached that says it is an expression of the Friends’ Peace Testimony.

The RBL is sponsoring a special event, commemorating the end of the first world war, on 8 July in the town. Woodbridge Friends will contribute to the day with exhibits and tables on Kingston Field under the Peace Tree. The day will also include marches by military veterans.

Henning Sieverts, from Woodbridge Meeting, told the Friend: ‘It is our hope and our expectation that in the years ahead the “Tree for Peace” will stimulate many people in our community to think about peace-making, nonviolence, nonviolent conflict resolution, and a world without war.’

He added: ‘The RBL seems genuinely pleased that our message of peace will be part of the commemoration, as will be the Quaker insistence that not just the British and Commonwealth military dead and wounded must be remembered, but also the many millions of soldiers and civilians on all sides who suffered in that and other wars.’

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