Paul Oestreicher to give peace lecture

Paul Oestreicher to deliver peace lecture in Coventry

Quaker Paul Oestreicher will be giving the Lord Mayor’s Annual Peace Lecture on 13 November at Coventry Cathedral. The lecture is entitled ‘Justice and peace – can we have both?’

Paul Oestreicher, who is also an Anglican priest, is a former director of the International Centre for Reconciliation, based at Coventry Cathedral.

In 2011 he gave the keynote speech on the abolition of war at the World Council of Churches International Ecumenical Peace Convocation (IEPC) in Kingston, Jamaica.

A lifelong pacifist, he was co-founder of the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship in New Zealand.

David Fish, of Coventry Meeting, said: ‘Coventry Quakers are so pleased to welcome Paul back to Coventry to give this keynote annual lecture.

‘The lecture will be part of the annual Coventry Peace Festival and is timed to coincide with Remembrance Sunday and a visit to Coventry by delegates from Kiel city council as part of the ongoing reconciliation work.’

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