Open verdict: Neil Morgan on the doors of perception

‘This is the religious experience in a picture.’

‘The door does not open from inside the enclosure, but from outside.’ | Photo: by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

What is religion all about? The secular view says it is like living in an enclosure with thick walls and fake doors. People push and pull on the dummy doors, but they do not open. They cannot find a way to look out. Other people say that when they pull hard on these doors for a long time, they glimpse a chink of light. But nobody can agree on what is seen. ‘I saw a dragon,’ says one. ‘I saw a beautiful woman with a veil,’ says another. ‘I saw a high mountain’, offers a third. The theory goes that, when you keep pushing and pulling, you get exhausted and desperate, and then you get an illusion of a chink. But it’s not real. There is nothing there. This is the way for all pushers and pullers, they finally agree.

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