Mind your language: Imogen Wedd says we should be wary of bias

‘Passion and anger create division; prayer and love are capable of moving mountains.’

'Surely what is needed most at present is not more politics but more prayer – not more anger but more love, not passion but peace.' | Photo: by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

The phrase ‘Speak truth to power’ is common currency among Quakers.  At its best it calls us to honesty, at whatever cost in reputation or worldly success. But the words are heavy with unspoken challenges. We can speak, but do we listen? Is it truth we speak, or fashionable platitudes? Is power an outside entity or should we be looking in the mirror? Is it possible we are so busy talking that we no longer hear the ‘still small voice’? Is it possible our truth in fact comes from a restricted perspective on life?

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