March against Donald Trump visit

Britain Yearly Meeting calls for leaders of integrity ahead of Donald Trump's visit to the UK

Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) has called president Donald Trump’s visit to the UK ‘an opportunity to focus on three key US policies’ and ‘have three clear messages’. These are ‘to reverse the decision to pull out of the Paris climate commitments’; ‘to create a culture of sanctuary for those migrating or seeking asylum and to oppose racism’; and ‘to sign onto the nuclear weapons ban treaty’.

The statement called for ‘leaders of integrity and conscience, ready to be held to account’.

Paul Parker, recording clerk of BYM, said: ‘We pray for Donald Trump and call on him to undo the harm his policies cause and to use the gift of power justly.’

The statement came as Quakers all over the UK prepared for protests. A Quaker contingent to the main ‘Stop Trump’ demonstration met at Friends House on 13 July and marched from Portland Place to Trafalgar Square. It was organised by the Quaker Socialist Society and began with a Meeting for Worship.

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