Letters - 8 March 2019

From getting real to God

Getting real

I felt so moved by Judy Clinton’s article (1 February) that I want to tell you how much it spoke to my condition. I am very grateful to have read it and am astonished to note how much her words apply to my own difficulties, not with Fibromyalgia, but with old age.

One is self-blaming, one feels like a wimp, good for nothing after such an active life. To my mind Quakers are inclined to blame themselves for whatever goes wrong, and it takes us long to realise that we are also good even without actively performing the many ‘good deeds’ we are wont to do. To ‘get real’ we must allow reality to guide us and learn to face it by whatever means that suits us individually. We all have to find our way, so thank you Judy Clinton for showing us how to start by being honest and courageous.

Rosemarie Cawson

Climate strikes

Bridgend Quaker Meeting wholeheartedly supports the recent strikes, marches and demonstrations by school children in favour of action to combat climate change.

We share their deep concern about the way things are going. We agree with their analysis. We accept that dealing with climate change, and the threat it poses to life on our planet, represents the greatest challenge to us all – to those in leadership positions and to ordinary people.

We are impressed by how articulately the young people express themselves and we admire the wit and creativity of the placards they carry, which sum up the crisis so neatly.

Our own movement (Quakers in Britain) has made its own commitment to taking responsibility, individually and collectively, for reducing our carbon footprint.

The young people are pointing us in the right direction. They are an example to us all. The government and the people of this country must wake up to the dangers and act now.

Pete Thompson, clerk
On behalf of Bridgend Meeting

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