Letters - 6 March 2020

From Quakers and Europe to informing all aspects

Quakers and Europe

It was good to read the account of the work of Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) within the report of Meeting for Sufferings held on 1 February (7 February). My experience of QCEA’s Study Tour in March 2019 left me deeply thankful for this organisation, which seeks to bring a Quaker vision of peace, justice and equality to Europe and its institutions. Quaker House Brussels offers a safe space in which sensitive discussions can take place in a non-judgemental atmosphere. QCEA’s well-researched reports, such as Child Immigration Detention in Europe, challenge injustices and offer alternatives, providing reliable evidence on which to act.

With Britain no longer part of the EU, the presence of QCEA as an advocate for human rights and peacebuilding at the European level is more vital than ever. QCEA needs our help in the form of money, active supporters, subscribers to Around Europe and awareness raising in Meetings.

British Friends of QCEA is a registered charity that exists to support the work of QCEA, and donations from British Quakers made by cheque or charity voucher can be channelled through this organisation. Full details of this and other ways to donate may be found on the QCEA website: www.qcea.org/home/involved/donate.

Elspeth Wollen
Trustee, British Friends of QCEA

Healing day

Many minds and hearts appear to be working together to make 7 March special as a nationwide ‘Day of Healing’. Certainly the Friend has devoted full-page adverts to it, and local churches and Churches Together are supporting it.

It may not be the customary Quaker way to join with others in a shared spiritual initiative of this kind, and at first sight it may be tempting to think that, if we are personally not in need of healing of any kind (that we are aware of), it is not for us, but consider the state of the community, the nation and the world.

I suggest there has never been greater and more urgent need for healing and mending of every kind than there is now. So who knows what good may come of engaging with this, both within ourselves and around us.

I look forward to reading in the Friend of how people have been affected and blessed as a result of the Day of Healing.

Roger Seal

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