Letters - 5 March 2021

From Outreach to The slipper still fits


Most of us are concerned about the future of our Society. Do our Quaker schools make a difference? Do they provide outreach amongst the pupils they have in their care by demonstrating our Quaker values in their daily living and how is this translated into their local communities?   

There is an opportunity to hear about this outreach by joining us for a general meeting at Leighton Park School via Zoom on 12 March from 10.30am to 12.30pm when you will hear from students, staff and their archivist and see what is being done. We hope you will join us by contacting suewarren@leightonpark.com for a link to the Zoom meeting.

Val McFarlane, clerk, and John Crosfield, assistant clerk, 
Leighton Park School Meeting, Berkshire

Spirits and angels

In response to Sue Glover Frykman’s suggestion (19 February) that early Friends did not refer to angels, the following quotation from a conversation Randolph Yearwood had with George Fox in 1668 in Lancaster Castle where Margaret Fell was imprisoned, may be of interest. 

‘I spake of Spirits, and said, that there were Spiritual bodies and Angels; but [George Fox] denied all; and said, that there was Light and Darkness; and the one was of God and the other of the Devil; and that there was no distinct Spirits nor Angels, for he could never see them in the Divine Light. And further did affirm that, if there were any, he should have seen them; but he never saw any, therefore there was none.’     
John H Hall

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