Letters - 25 November 2022

From Community to Simple outreach


Thank you for printing the letter of Andrew Sterling and the article of Keith Braithwaite on the future of Quaker Meeting houses in the 11 November issue. 

A sentence from the latter jumped out at me with great force. ‘And yet… it’s the Religious Society of Friends, not the loose affiliation of thoughtful good-doers.’

There is of course nothing wrong with being good-doers, with being thoughtful, with being politically concerned. Indeed these are part of being good human beings. Thankfully, there are many of these throughout the world. There are lots of concerned groups, loosely joined, doing good work. But I often ask myself what makes some of these people choose to call themselves Quaker.

What, where, is the communion that makes us a community?

Harvey Gillman

Error in news

I hope you will print a correction to the first article in the news in the issue of 11 November. The article states: ‘Hampshire and Islands Area Meeting has put forward to Meeting for Sufferings a concern that ecocide should become law.’

Ecocide is human impact on the environment causing mass destruction to that environment. No one would wish that to become law. The ecocide campaign seeks to make ecocide a crime in international law. https://www.stopecocide.earth.

Jane Wilde

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