Letters - 22 June 2018

From energetic discussion to kneeling ministry

Energetic discussion

I am informed that even with considerably more conservation methods than at present, our consumption of electricity will increase by at least a quarter as the use of electric motor cars increases. How will this extra power be provided?

How can we generate the energy we need and secure a future that will not damage the environment or contribute to the problems of the ‘energy poor’?

Near where I live a power station has been adapted, from coal, to burn woodchip and dustbin waste. But I am told that insufficient trees are being planted to replace the wood burned.

I am told also that burning ‘dustbin rubbish’, when all that can be recycled is recycled, is undesirable. But if it is not used to provide heat, what else do we do with it?

The government backs nuclear power, which rings alarm bells, but I read that modern nuclear power plants use what was waste from existing nuclear plants. Is this so, or will our children face a massive bill when plants are decommissioned?

Wind, wave and water power seem to be an answer. How much more could we utilise and how much would it cost? I look to Friends more knowledgeable than myself to contribute to a discussion to guide us along a path away from pollution.

Walter Storey

Overpopulation and understanding

While I agree that overpopulation is a – if not the – major problem for our planet (8 June), I feel it behoves us to understand how family members would feel and react if they experienced frequent infant and child deaths.

Preventive health education, access to modern medicines and vaccines, and empowering women are where I hope that aid goes, both in the so-called western world and in the whole world.

Jane Edmonds

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