Letters - 22 July 2016

From names to politics

Naming of rooms

It was interesting to see the recently reported decisions about naming more meeting rooms at Friends House after particular Friends (8 July). Nice idea. I hope the outreach element of this can be supported by information not only about their witness, but also the spiritual experiences and practices that underpinned it.

When I first came across Quakers it was through learning about some of their impressive achievements historically. I was full of admiration but from a distance – I could never live up to that myself! It was only some time later and after some searching that I learned anything about Quaker worship or spirituality, and that it is something we can all engage in, starting from right where we are now, without having to be particularly worthy or certain about what we believe.

I have spoken to regular recent visitors to Friends House who still don’t realise there is a religious basis for all this witness, or a worship space, though they appreciate the venue greatly. Worship is at the core of Quakerism! So there still seems to be a need for this to be central to all our outreach efforts.

Linda Murgatroyd

Good neighbours (1 July)

This is so helpful for me to remember in my reaction – to drop it and care and love – for I, too, have had judgment in my heart and rage and anger and a patronising attitude – thank you for speaking unity and peace at this time of pain and uncertainty.

Bridgid Hess

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